Lagos state to introduce flexible work schedule for civil servants



By Sodiq Adelakun

The Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has announced an upcoming shift to a flexible workweek for state government employees.

During a media chat on Thursday, the governor revealed plans that will enable civil servants from level 1 to 14 to work from their offices for just three days a week.

The innovative policy is set to take effect from next week and is designed to create a more adaptable and efficient work environment. It marks a significant change in the traditional work culture, particularly within the Nigerian public sector.

Under the new system, higher-level employees, from levels 15 to 17, will be required to be in the office for four days a week.

Governor Sanwo-Olu expressed optimism that the new work arrangement would lead to multiple benefits, including easing the notorious traffic congestion in Nigeria’s economic capital, reducing commuting expenses for employees, and fostering a less stressful office atmosphere.

The state government’s strategy reflects a progressive stance on work-life balance and is expected to enhance productivity and job satisfaction among Lagos State’s civil servants.

“It will be calendarised and scheduled,” the Governor assured, emphasizing that the new schedule would not lead to a shutdown of government operations but rather a more efficient allocation of workdays.

This policy is part of the Lagos State Government’s broader commitment to implementing forward-thinking work practices that respond to the evolving needs of its workforce and the city’s infrastructure.

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