Lagos proposes new law for compulsory compliance to building materials quality

General Manager, Lagos State Materials Testing Laboratory (LSMTL), Mr Funsho Elulade, on Wednesday said a new Law was on the way to make substandard construction impossible in the state.

Elulade said this at the fourth  Edition of the Builders’ Business Workshop organised by the Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB) in Ikeja.

The combined physical/virtual workshop had the theme:  “Building Surveying Practice, Charting a New Course in Building Post Construction Services in Lagos.”

He said his agency was currently under pressure for mass testing of buildings because its sister agency had recommended hundreds of defective buildings for demolition.

He said adherence to material quality and abiding by other ethical principles of construction could avert collapse, adding that the new law to force compliance would soon be enacted.

He called for collaboration with NIOB in order to chart a new way forward, adding that accurate data was important for wholistic solutions.

Elulade said the workshop was timely to address the current embarrassing crisis of buildings collapses across the state.

“I have revised the law that set up the Lagos State Materials Testing Laboratory and I pray it is accented to by the governor.

“We have pushed it to completion stage, before it goes to the exco,  before exco pushes it to  the House of Assembly.

“In the future, it is going to be extremely difficult for a prospective seller or developer to sell any property or rent any property to any individual in Lagos,  if that developer or the landlord does not have a None Destructive Test Report.

“And I think we should incorporate the two, we can synergise, it must be mandatory that for you to sell a house or to rent your house to anybody, you must have that building survey, in addition to the none destructive test result,” he said.

He said building survey was also beneficial  for prospective buyers or tenants who would be able to assess the condition of a property before taking action.

He reeled out conditions for charting a new course in Lagos state  to include using the right materials and professionals during construction, adding that, wholistic approach was important to address all issues.

Managing Director – Primero Transport Services Ltd, Mr Fola Tinubu, said people are already afraid of buying high rise buildings in Lagos state because of collapse.

He urged the NIOB to boost investors’ confidence by chasing out “the cow boys” painting them in bad light from the profession.

Citing the 21-storey Ikoyi Building Collapse as example, he urged built environment professionals to cry out early against illegalities on site to save end users.

He said the built environment professionals who withdrew from the project spoke up after it had collapsed.

Earlier, the special guest,  Registrar/Secretary, Council of the Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON), Mr Adetunji Adeniran, said only the government had power for prosecution and must use it for deterrence.

He made reference to various panel reports and recommendations not being implemented by government.

Adeniran stressed the need for professionalism to eradicate quackery while reeling out relevant laws which must be enforced for sustainable development.

He also reeled  out efforts of CORBON both locally and globally for better practice guidelines for building surveys.

Earlier, while giving his welcome address, chairman, Lagos chapter of Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB), Mr Lucky Isename said the workshop was to build capacity and new direction.

He said local and global experts were invited “to clinically x-ray practice and procedures for building surveying.”

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