it is well, i sing


By Iyanu Adebiyi

it is well, i sing.
even my gele knows it.
you are not what i said you’d be.
now my dreams are all melted.
i think the beads of sweat on my face should
let you know. even my iro ati buba
knows it. i am no longer peace.
thank you for the battle. sorry i am
fear. sorry for hiding
you. sorry you might die
and i don’t know what i’d do with your dead
body. will i wear your hair to a disco-party?
tie your veins around my waist like jigida?
clip your heart to my blouse like a badge?
i know you
came to this world with a body on fire because
you tried my body on before you were born.
i gave you birth & death
now i must keep on giving & giving.
after all, it cost me a miracle to make you.
i am not ready to unmake you.
it is well, i sing and wear my shoes.
it is well i sing and brush my hair
i sing and steady my breath, ready for
sacrifice. i am carrying the calabash
of your life to the gates.
dear lord, please open the gates.
i will lay my life flat on the ground for you.
it is well. it is well, i sing and make prayer;
old bag of bones,
i command you to breathe.
i beg you to stop begging
what is killing you
to teach you how to breathe.
pick up your life from the floor
and put it back on.
drink some salt and water,
it is good for your belly.
it is well
it is well.
i sing.



Iyanu Adebiyi is a Nigerian born writer, poet and performer. She has featured in many stage performances, and has been actively involved with and artistically engaged by several institutions, community and arts organizations. Her work has been published in many journals and media outlets. Her spoken word album, Wonder, was released in 2020.  Her Twitter & Instagram handles are @iyanuadebiyi