Insecurity: FG to deploy CCTV, drones in South West – Buhari


…Bbad Fulanis must leave Southwest, Ooni insists

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday said the federal government is working with the state governments to further empower the Nigeria Police Force with advanced technology and equipment that can facilitate the work of the security agencies.

He dropped the hint when he received the traditional rulers from South West led by the Ooni of Ife , Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi during a courtesy visit to the State House, Abuja.

Buhari said he will be issuing directives to the appropriate federal authorities to speedily approve licensing for States requesting the use of drones to monitor forests and other criminal hideouts,” adding that, “we also intend to install CCTVs on highways and other strategic locations so that activities in some of those hidden places can be exposed, more effectively monitored and open to actionable review.”

He also assured that his administration will continue to do everything necessary to protect the lives of all Nigerians and ensure that every Nigerian in every state is safe, and that our people can live in peace and harmony, regardless of ethnicity, religion or region. As a government, we remain committed to the ideals of our democracy, particularly entrenching the rule of law and the sanctity of life.

“In the entire nation that we will enforce the law, prosecute law breakers and secure an atmosphere of tranquility for all Nigerians wherever they choose to live and also protect our communities from all forms of crimes. This is both in our interests as an administration and the interests of the people who voted us into office.

“We need security to deliver on our many programmes to the people. There can be no prosperity if there is no security.

The Ooni of Ife who corroborated President Buhari’s position, also disclosed that any identified bad Fulani must leave the South West, adding that the initial calls for the Fulani to leave was as a result of “tension”

He said: “Well, it’s because of the tension but this time around the traditional rulers have arrived at a resolution to ensure that will not happen. It is the bad ones that should be focused on.

“We all live in Nigeria, it is the bad ones that have come in from different borders that are porous, those are the ones we will focus on to separate the corn from the wheat.

“The bad ones that should leave, the bad ones can never stay, even Mr. President is with us on that. Even the Fulani clan does not want the bad ones to spoil their name. So many people are hiding under Fulanis to do evil now, so the bad ones must go,” he said

According to him, “Another milestone we achieved is that the President will fast track very rapid monitoring of our forests by using the technology of modern standard, the drones. The various security agencies will rally round the IG and see how it can be properly deployed.

“Another thing is that they will install CCTV along our highways, the IGP said they are very aggressive about clearing our highways now.

“We believe that with all these there will be reduction in the tension in the Southwest because the Southwest is very sensitive in Nigeria.

“We don’t pray for crisis or war or uprising because it will snowball into a lot of things, that is why we are all represented from the six states that make up Southwesten Nigeria.

“We thank God that Mr.  President is listening and so far so good, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.” he said

Asked if the monitoring of the CCTV was factored into the discussion, he said: “Absolutely. This time around it is a fruitful interactive session. It is not the normal let’s talk the talk, we are talking the work and we are going to walk the talk.

“Because, we as traditional rulers we know our people, we know the good, the bad and ugly, and that is why the government is taking it to another level by involving us directly on how to implement their initiatives.

The Oba said that the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu and other key security heads were at the closed doors meeting with the President.

He said that policemen and officers will be recruited among people born and living in the various communities in the region.

According to him, there will be restructuring of security architecture in the country.

He said, “Today the Inspector General of Police was present and the entire security architecture will be restructured, we are very happy about that.

“We were also told about community policing so the policemen will be recruited from the community, those that were born there, brought up there and they won’t be able to move them around.

“So we can use that strategy to avert a lot of tension going around the south west in particular now. We were able to achieve that milestone.”

He also warned that it will be wrong to allow politicians hijack the community policing.

“If they want to start community policing and they give it to politicians, it is not going to work per say, that is why they are involving us. Because, we know the people that are born within our community, we know how to recommend them for this kind of employment, we know the good ones that will be willing to serve their community so by virtue of doing that we will have crime reduction in our communities, because each community is peculiar”.


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