Insecurity: Atiku Abubakar slams Tinubu, calls for stronger leadership



By Praise Oguntan

In a tweet that reverberated across social media, former Vice President and Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, has delivered a scathing critique of the Nigerian government’s handling of the nation’s security crisis.

The Former Vice President’s tweet, which was posted amidst growing concerns over escalating insecurity, condemned what he described as the government’s lackluster response to recent tragic events. The former Vice President expressed shock and dismay at the apparent disconnect between the leadership and the dire security situation on the ground.

“Tinubu is playing fiddle while Nigeria is drowning in the ocean of insecurity,” Abubakar’s tweet began, capturing the gravity of the situation and invoking imagery of neglect and indifference at the highest levels of government.”

The tweet specifically referenced the heart-wrenching incident in Abuja, where kidnappers reportedly murdered a nursing mother and grandmother after a failed ransom payment of N90 million. Additionally, Abubakar highlighted the killings of two monarchs in Ekiti state, underscoring the prevalence of violence and lawlessness in various parts of the country.

Drawing attention to the absence of the Commander-in-Chief during these critical moments, Abubakar criticized the timing of what he termed a “so-called private visit,” suggesting that the priorities of the leadership are misplaced amidst the ongoing security challenges.

In a poignant call to action, Abubakar asserted that if the current leadership feels overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task at hand, they should be willing to step aside for more capable hands. He emphasized that Nigeria cannot afford to have a “Tourist-in-Chief” at a time when decisive 24/7 leadership is needed to address the pervasive insecurity and the collapsing economy.

Abubakar’s remarks echo the sentiments of many Nigerians who have grown increasingly frustrated with the government’s response to the security crisis, with calls mounting for urgent and effective measures to restore peace and stability across the nation.

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