Imo: Kidnappers demand $20M ransom on kidnapped German visitor 


…As Prophet gives 7 days altimatium

By Tunji Adedeji (Owerri)

German born Angelika Yildiz who was visiting Owerri, Imo state capital in the company of her would-be husband Mr. Chijioke Malizu Ben have been kidnapped.

According to the reports they were accosted by dare devil armed kidnappers dressed in police uniform around Azia junction in Anambra State on Friday December 13, 2019, while on their way to Owerri.

However, it was reported that the kidnappers allowed Mr. Ben to escape possibly to keep in touch for their demands.

Narrating his ordeals at the kidnappers den, Mr. Ben said he was scared they might tuture her in a bid to coarse her to succumb to their demands. Also, he informed that they have placed a ransom demand of $20M.

Meanwhile, a renowned Imo Prophet, Scary Mongo has vowed to make the armed kidnappers who snatched away the German visitor blind and crippled should  they fail to release her within 7 days.

“Ben just informed me that they’ve called him and placed a demand of $20M as ransom for the release of the foreigner” said the prophet.

Irked by the demand, the Prophet said if after, 7 days the woman is not released, both blindness and cripple curses will be released on their heads.

The man of God who spoke to our correspondent in Owerri weekend said such ugly incident must never be allowed to continue saying it is time, criminal elements are dealt with so that peace can reign.