Igbos quit notice: Arrest Abdullahi or ‘all hell will break loose’ on October 1 – Fani-Kayode


Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has called for Ango Abdullahi to be arrested or “all hell will break loose” on October 1.

Fani-Kayode, who questioned why there were no Christian commanders in the Nigerian Army, labelled the Arewa youths as “rebellious, recalcitrant and bloodthirsty dogs”.

He posted on his Twitter page: “Why is that there are no Christian commanders (i.e. those that have operational control over troop deployments) in the Nigerian Army today?

“1/ If this govt. does not arrest Ango Abdullahi and those rebellious,recalitrant and bloodthirsty dogs called Arewa youths and lock them ALL

 “2/up for their threat to commit genocide against the Igbo and ALL southerners if we don’t leave north by Oct.1st all hell will break loose.”

When countered by his follower, a certain David Dmola Ogunyemi, that “Femi this can’t be true, please list names. From the little I know the CDS Gen Gabriel Olonishakin is a Christian. So is Maj Gen Leo irabo,” he tweeted back “Operational control of troop deployments. None of those u mentioned have that. We are talking about commanders that have the power to deploy.”