Hon Rotimi Makinde

Evidence revealed that Gov. Adegboyega Oyetola wore a cap with ENDSARS protesters. He was reported to have identified, walked with the protesters and also addressed them and sincerely, he appealed for peace…What else?

His action proved who he is. His words was reported to have proved how he also wanted the society to be. Only an insane person would be happy with lot of things as it is in our nation today; innocent killings and daily brutalization of the citizens by those clever enemies within the police force, affected all and sundry. Alas he was attacked, not by the protesters, but by those who wanted his Government down at all cost.

It appeared premeditated that they planned to take his life and the enemies considered the tensed atmosphere to do just that. If not for God’s intervention, we understand the satanic act would have been a great consequence. Gov. Oyetola, no doubt, is a complete gentleman and someone who puts more into this world than he takes out. Without gainsaying, he has been painstakingly piloting the affairs of our dear state that even the most critic minds are finding it difficult to pick a point to criticize the amiable Governor who is working within limited resources.

He was quick to think as a man of action, he acted like a man of thought and with deep sympathy like many of us and for those innocent souls who lost their dear lives in that ignorable and unnecessary circumstances. That is simply because he is a man who is a master of patience.

As I condemn this act of hooliganism while sympathizing and praying for the departed soul to rest in peace, I would like to call on us to please be reasonable in this justified protest that is already yielding success.

No life is worth loosing!