I was once paid N3,000 for 11 scenes – Actor Adewale Alebiosu


Popular Yoruba actor Adewale Alebiosu has debunked the myth that actors are well compensated for their roles in films.

His remark comes in response to actress Jaiye Kuti’s Instagram video, in which she condemned the trend of veteran actors begging for money on social media.

Kuti, who warned older colleagues not to tarnish the image of the Yoruba film industry, accused them of failing to plan for their future when they were much younger.

Reacting to the actress in a viral online video, Alebiosu called the accusation “misplaced,” claiming that actors are sometimes underpaid.

He backed up his claim with personal experience.

“I was paid just N3,000 for 11 scenes. I boarded a bus and cried uncontrollably till I arrived home,” he recounted.
He noted that it was just a few days until Christmas, and he was expecting to earn enough money from the role to feed his family, but it turned out differently for him.