How ‘powers beyond me’ made me a polygamist – Jide Kosoko confesses


Legendary actor, Jide Kosoko, has revealed how he became a polygamist.

He hinted that marrying more than one wife was his biggest regrets in life.

In a chat with the Punch, the actor disclosed how he became a polygamist through powers that were beyond his control.

Kosoko said, “I did not really plan it and it was designed beyond my power because I never planned to marry so many wives.

“If I have to be frank, I regret being a polygamist. I must confess.

“I first married one wife but she was not part of the job I was doing and in those days, you needed a very trustworthy assistant.

“That pushed me to marrying the second wife. I stayed with them until I lost them both eleven months apart in the same scenario – childbirth.

“I wouldn’t have married again but a doctor of mine advised against it. He said I was still young and needed to take a wife.

“I looked at the situation critically and realized that a lot of my friends were coming to my apartment with their girlfriends and I saw myself as becoming irresponsible and my house was a free house.

“Some of those of my friends were married yet they still brought their girlfriends to my house.

“I felt if I had a wife, all that would not happen so I tried to get another wife. I was romancing two women with the mind of settling down with one.

“But eventually, the two entered. That was how I became a polygamist,” he quipped, reinstating that it would amount to madness if he remarries again.