How Amaechi became driver to Buhari, El-Rufai – Reno Omokri


The war of words between former president Goodluck Jonathan’s media aide, Reno Omokri and Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, took another twist on Wednesday after the former claimed Amaechi became a driver to President Muhammadu Buhari and Nasir El-Rufai in 2015.

Omokri claimed that Amaechi was jobless in the build up to the general elections and that government positions are like “oxygen” to him, without which he cannot survive.

In a series of tweets that came with the hashtag #LeaveAmaechiForLAWMA, Omokri also said that Amaechi was lean when he became Governor of Rivers State in 2007, but left with a pot belly and an empty treasury.

The tweets were a reply to Amaechi’s letter which read, “Again Amaechi’s aide replies Reno: “You’re a zookeeper; answer my questions, don’t write about lions, monkeys.”

Omokri maintained that the Transport Minister did not answer the points he raised in his earlier article titled, “Reno to Amaechi: “You’re a decorated monkey only loyal to your stomach” wherein he (Reno) disproved the allegations, that the Goodluck Jonathan administration misappropriated funds meant for the country’s development.

Some of the tweets are below:

“Someone tell @ChibuikeAmaechi to report at 3 Iddo – Yard, Ijora Olopa. Its LAWMA’s address. Its his natural habitat.

“I dont react to trash. I leave trash to LAWMA. @ChibuikeAmaechi, with his pot belly and ill fitting designer clothes

“The issues are very clear.@ChibuikeAmaechi falsely accused@GEJonathan of pilfering $49.8 billion in his interview.

“I proved @ChibuikeAmaechi lied. I proved that there was no missing $49.8 billion stolen by @GEJonathan.

“I proved that @ChibuikeAmaechiinsisted on Sep 21, 2012 that funds in the Excess Crude Account be shared by GEJ.

“I proved that when GEJ REFUSED to share the funds, @ChibuikeAmaechi led the NGF to sue the then Federal Government
“I proved as a result of@ChibuikeAmaechi court case GEJ was forced to pay states of N2.92 trillion from Excess Crude.

“@ChibuikeAmaechi’s masters saw how jobless he is which is why in 2015 he was reduced to a driver to PMB & @elrufai.

“You can make Amaechi minister but cant force him to act ministerial. His true life calling is perhaps to be a driver

“@ChibuikeAmaechi had no money to finish mono rail, but had $500k to spend on a one day dinner for Prof Wole Soyinka

“When @ChibuikeAmaechi became governor of Rivers state in 2007, the state treasury was fat and his belly was lean

“When left in 2015, the treasury was lean & his belly fat. Amaechi’s belly swapped destiny with his state’s treasury

“Unfortunately, the size of@ChibuikeAmaechi’s stomach expands daily while the size of his brain shrinks daily

“@ChibuikeAmaechi Lion of Ubima??lion my foot!!More like a rat that is running helter skelter from Wike the lion

“Govt post is like oxygen for@ChibuikeAmaechi. Without it he can’t survive. He can’t run a private business”