How Adeboye’s prayers saved me from Amosun’s ordeal-Adegbenro

Bankole Taiwo, Abeokuta
An Area Pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Ogun Province Eleven, Ikenne Remo, Pastor Emmanuel Jolaolu Adegbenro who was dismissed from the teaching service of Ogun state sometimes in 2015 by the immediate past governor of the state, Sen Ibikunle Amosun has said that his rock solid faith in God coupled with the prayers of the General Overseer of the mission, Past E A Adeboye saw him through this time considered the most difficult of his 50 years on earth.
The man of God also quipped that but for God’s faithfulness and immeasurable goodness, he ought to have become history long before he attained the golden age.
Pastor Jolaolu Adegbenro, who had since been reinstated since March 5 2019 and with all his backlog entitlement for about three years paid by Gov Dapo Abiodun said he had thought his life had crashed when the former governor, Sen Amosun proclaimed his sudden and unjustified dismissal from the service.
It would be recalled that the foremost English Language teacher and examiner with the state government was sacked in a controversial manner over an alleged offensive and anti-government summary passage in the English Language of 2015 Third Term Unified Examination for Senior Secondary School One in the state
Pastor Adegbenro who is now a lecturer at English Language department, Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) Ago Iwoye said this unfortunate incident was however a blessing in disguise because God did not only provided him with a house during this turbulent time, the almighty God also helped him to complete his PhD programme in English Language at OOU.
The man of God made this revelation during a special thanksgiving held at Agape Area headquarters parish of RCCG, Ikenne Remo to return glory to God as he hit the glamorous golden age.
Giving reasons why he decided to roll out drums to appreciate God’s mercy as he hit the golden mark, Past Adegbenro said “in my 50 years of existence I have also gone through a lot and if not for the mercy of God I should have been long dead by now. This incident happened when I was still very small.
“I grew up in the village and when there was too much heat what we usually do was to sleep outside, so, this very day we slept outside but somehow I don’t know what told me to open my eyes only for me to be looking at a woman the whole neighborhood knew to be a witch to be standing bent over me. Only God knows what she had wanted to do. When she found out that I was awake, she quickly muttered some things and disappeared into the thick darkness. I quickly woke up my other my siblings, told them what I saw and the need to move inside the house”.
He added that ” there was also a day I was coming from Abeokuta on state government assignment and due to fatigue, I slept off on the wheel and drove some distance into the bush but God in His infinite mercy ensured that the car did not hit any of the big trees around there.
“As the dust was settling down, a man who was probably coming behind me and saw me veered into the bush came around and said, are you still alive and I said yes. He assisted to use his car to pull mine to the road and urged me to be going in front while he trailed behind. I however later believed that the man must have been an angel because I couldn’t find him behind me again just before we get to Siun village, along Sagamu-Abeokuta expressway. How I managed to survive the crash till today remained a miracle”.
Adegbenro said “my problem with former Gov Amosun is another incident that looks like everything is crashing right before me but I trusted God for victory. Through our former Pastor in Charge of Ogun Province Eleven, Past Olayinka, I wrote our Father-in-the Lord, the General Overseer of RCCG, Past E A Adeboye and he replied that we are praying for you. On this basis, I withdrew the court case instituted over this matter believing that God would intervene and truly, last year March, God answered the prayers of our Father-in-Lord and the government reinstated me”.
He said “God did not only restored me, during this turbulent time, He made me a landlord, He helped me to finish my PhD Programme in English Language and now He has promoted me from a secondary school teacher to a lecturer in the university. He truly deserved all my praises”.
The man of God was also full of accolades for his dutiful wife for standing behind him like the rock of Gibraltar through thick and thin saying that her legendary cooperation, humility, openness, prudent management of resources among others would make him to choose her over and over again as the love of his life.
Speaking during the programme, the wife of the celebrant, Mrs Nnena Adegbenro described her husband as a man who considered God first in all that he did and would spare nothing to make his family comfortable.
Wishing her hubby the very best in Christ Jesus as he turned 50, Mrs Adegbenro said, “after God, my loving, caring and God fearing husband is the next. He is so loving that none of my family jokes with anything about him, even my parents before their death loved him so much. He doesn’t joke with things of God, he gives me so much peace of mind that my daughter use to joke that I am lucky o, and that she also prayed the good Lord will give her someone like him as husband. I prayed that he will celebrate many more years in sound health in Jesus name”.
One of the childhood friends of the celebrant, Pastor Olusola Oyedare, a lecturer with Federal Polytechnic, Ede, Osun state, described the man of God as very simple, loving, humorous and the rallying point for the four of them that had been together since their days at Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo State, 33 years ago.
Pastor Oyedare said “we are all happy that the storm is over, we are grateful to God for His faithfulness over our dear friend and his family and it is our prayer that the almighty God who has helped him this far and made him a victor, not a victim will keep on lifting him higher in Jesus name”.
Speaking on behalf of the children, Simeon Adegbenro described their father as a motivator, role model and disciplinarian whose love and committment to the family was unparalleled asking the almighty God to preserve him in sound health and prosperity.
Ministering earlier from the book of Psalm 107 vs 8, the Pastor-in-Charge of RCCG, Ogun Province Eleven, Ikenne Remo, Past Sola John said children of God must always learn how to praise God because whatever they are passing through would soon pass away
Past Sola John explained that just as the celebrant has had to overcome so many difficult times in the last 50 years with absolute trust in God, people must also learn to leave their lives in the hands of God and never be tired of referencing and worshipping Him to provoke divine intervention.
Rejoicing with the celebrant and his family on the auspicious occasion, the man of God prayed that the almighty God will further bless the family and preserve the celebrant for many glorious years in sound health and prosperity.
Other dignitaries at the event were Alhaji Akeem Lasisi, the Chairman, Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools (ASUSS) Ogun state, Past Adenuga, Assistant Pastor in Charge of RCCG, Ogun Province Eleven, Ikenne Remo, Pastor Adenuga, Pastor Funmi Odulana, Past Tola Talabi among others