How 3 teenagers sleep with 10 men, during cult initiation


By Eunice Odigie, Benin City

Three teenagers simply identified as Blessing, Ada, and joy have shared their sexual experiences in the hands of 10 men at Okada in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State in exchage for initiation into a cult group called the Marine.

They made the confession while being paraded yesterday  by the Edo State Police Command in Benin.

Blessing, one of the teenager, 16 narrated how she also introduced her girlfriends to the cult group.

“There is one of my girlfriends who came to tell me that she wanted to be one of our members.

“So, i took her to our group and they slept with her and after three days, three other boys who are not our cult members also came to sleep with her and when the girl’s mother found out, she went to beat up the boys and her daughter.

“The girl later fell ill and when the mother asked her what happened? She told her that she was initiated into a cult group by her girlfriend.

“Six boys slept with my girlfriend while 10 boys slept with me.

“The name of our cult group is called the Marine. I joined the cult last year and the group is meant for both boys and girls.

“We initiate our members through sex and also ask them to pay some money. Some can pay N1,500 or 2,000”, she said.

Another member of the cult group, whose name is Ada also narrated how she was initiated into the group.

“One of the boys slept with me in one of the Streets at Okada where i was initiated into the cult.

She also said she was lured to an uncompleted building where she was slept with.

“When i was at home, one of the boys came to me and said that the cult that he wanted her to join is a very nice one and that they buy a lot of clothes for themselves and that they should try and raise money to join the group.

“We did not know that the boys were planning to sleep with us. One of the boys asked me to follow him and i did and when i got to one of the uncompleted buildings, he blind folded me and slept with me on that night.

“On that night, 10 men slept with me and i am just 13 years old”, she said.

Also Miss Joy, 14, said she was introduced into the cult group with the promise that they were going to contribute money for themselves to share among themselves at the end of the year.

She said she was later taken to an uncompleted building where they blind folded her and after which, four boys took their turn to sleep with her.

Speaking to Journalists while parading the teenage girls, the Edo State Commissioner of Police, Johnson Kokumo warned that people should be very careful noting that the issues of rape has gone beyond men or boys raping women or girls as girls are now the ones arranging themselves to be raped by the opposite sex.