Hoodlums cart away goods worth billions of Naira as looting continues in Abuja


By Abba – Eku Onyeka

As looting continues in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Monday, some of the ware houses believed to belong to private companies and individuals in Idu industrial area of the nation’s capital were broken into by people believed to be hoodlums and goods worth billions of Naira carted away.

The hoodlums were seen carting away with motorcycles, tricycles (keke na pep), taxi cabs, aluminum products, upholstery chairs, grinding machines, office tables and equipments, among others.

Some people who spoke to our reporter on the ground of anonymity condemned the actions in its entirety, while others who believed that the goods looted belonged to corrupt politicians hailed the looting.

One of them allegedly said that the goods looted belonged to an unnamed senator from nearby Kaduna, who hoarded them in preparation for upcoming 2023 elections.

However, eye witness account had it that some of the aluminum shops along Idu Industrial area were broken into by hoodlums who looted materials worth substantial amount of money .

It was not clear whether there was any loss of lives, but a source reported that one young man, Sunday, who joined the looting got missing.

To ensure that such looted materials didn’t get into the village, the vigilante group in Idu village blocked the hoodlums from bringing in the looted goods into the village.