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Edible oil is a kitchen staple in many homes and choosing the right oil from nutrition, affordability and availability perspective remains at the heart of consumer preference for any brand.

If your intention is to make deliberate choices to improve your heart health and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease through healthy edible oil, then your best bet is Soya bean oil.

Soya bean oil contains Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) considered as ‘good fat’ for heart health. These PUFAs comprise Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats which are beneficial for your heart as they ease inflammation, reduce the development of heart disease, lower ‘bad’ cholesterol, and boost ‘good’ cholesterol. To help your heart perform optimally, your best choice of Soya bean oil is Golden Terra Soya Oil with 5x PUFA.

The type of edible oil an individual uses in cooking is important in the light of the prevailing cases of heart-related diseases globally, particularly in Nigeria. This is so because what an individual consumes and its impact on the heart remains very important to his overall wellbeing.

One brand that is currently driving national discourse and raising a community of consumers making conscious decisions on heart friendly soya bean oil choice is Golden Terra Soya Oil. The brand is not only doing this but it is prioritizing heart health for a wider spectrum of consumers across Nigeria by providing more affordable choices.

While many consumers are embracing the choice of Golden Terra Soya Oil for their varied healthy diets, many more will be getting ahead by making pocket friendly decisions with its new 700ml and 2.5L offer. At a time when consumers are becoming more conscious of their spending based on limited purchasing power, Golden Terra Soya oil reiterates that there is a pack for every pocket to meet their unique needs and preferences.

As you make plans for your next market visit, remember that there is a Golden Terra Soya Oil that caters to your pocket. By choosing the new 700ml and 2.5L pack sizes, you are saying yes to edible oil that offers you heart health, affordability, value for money and 62 per cent PUFA intake indicating at least 5x more PUFA than Palm Ole in, thereby making it the healthiest choice for your cooking.

According to Rachel Link, a registered die titian with, “Soya bean oil is a common type of cooking oil that has been associated with several health benefits. It may help promote skin health, reduce cholesterol levels, prevent bone loss, and provide important omega-3 fatty acids.”

As you prepare for your next meal, feed your heart 5x PUFA with Golden Terra Soya Oil, the leading soya bean oil in the Nigerian market with its increasing presence across the country. It is 100 per cent pure soya oil, totally sourced and manufactured in Nigeria. Families and individuals that use Golden Terra Soya Oil every day enjoy heart-healthy and brain-boosting meals that enable them to drive for the optimum daily.

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