GSN to improve living standard in Nigeria-Prof. Kwon Ndung


By Ismail Adekunle

The National President of Genetics Society of Nigeria (GSN) confirmed that his association is set to improve the living standard of Nigeria.

He said this when he delivered his speech at the 43rd Annual Conference at the University of Lagos, Faculty of Science, Department of Cell Biology & Genetics with this year’s theme: “Genetics: A Panacea for Emerging Challenges of Life and Environmental Sciences.”

Prof. E. H. Kwon Ndung said there is need to apply genetics to solve various problems militating against our human excellence and environmental sciences.

He said: “There is no contradiction to the fact our nation and people will be better because we would have proven our worth as public and private researchers that have used our intellectual scientific knowledge to contribute in building our great nation in particular and the global genetic resources in general.”

He mentioned that Genetics Society of Nigeria (GSN) is a body of professionals and scientists who believe in the application of genetics in health, environment and agriculture.

“Our members are diligently involved in critical basic and applied research in animal and crop genetic improvement, modern biotechnology and genetic engineering, medical and human genetics as well as in applied genetics of environmental sustainability and management of the diverse climatic changes confronting the ecosystem.”

He later called for supports from the concerned authorities, stakeholders, academics, media for Genetics Society of Nigeria to gain access into more funds

Prof. E. H. Kwon Ndung concluded: “We therefore continue to call on our government and development partners to invest in research through increase funding across various sector. Research is capital intensive and public research which is for our common good must be supported by capital budgeting.”

He then called on all stakeholders especially those who are at the helms of affair to support Genetics Society of Nigeria members so as to deliver and for the benefit of all.

Other speakers at this annual conference also spoke on how genetics could be applied to various human, animal and environmental challenges while vaccines to lessen various diseases have been discovered.