Goodmus organises entrance exam for admission into Turkish universities


Babalola Gbolahan

Starting on the 21st of January, 2020, Goodmus Learning Centre organised an entrance examination into Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University in Turkey at different locations in Nigeria.

The exam known as YOS examination is scheduled to take place on the 21st, 22nd, 25th and 27th of January this year at their Ilupeju head office, Ikorodu in Lagos, Ibadan, Akure, Abuja and other locations.

At the session held at Ilupeju and Ikorodu in Lagos recently, more than 100 prospective candidates participated in the entrance exam while 59 candidates took the exam in Ibadan and another hundreds in others States.

Speaking at the exam centre in Lagos, Chief Executive Officer of Goodmus Learning Centre, Adekunle Badmus said the entrance exam was to help the students discover their field of study so that, they don’t end up doing courses they can’t cope with.

Badmus said that the exam was designed to assess the ability of students in order to discover the courses which they can fit in, in the university.

The CEO emphasised that nobody is expected to fail the exam as those who could not score high grades are considered in other areas, particularly in vocational studies.

“The unique thing about this exam is that, it is not to fail anybody. It is an assessment exam. Those who could not get high marks are given 2-year diploma courses while those who got high marks are placed for degree programs”, Badmus said.

He pointed out that the school is very much aware that it is not everybody that should go for degree programs in the University. The school, he said, has therefore, created a lot of vocational courses similar to degree programs so as to carry all candidates along.

According to him, the school has a target of empowering about one million African students, just as he informed that the school has already empowered over 500 students in the last 3 to 5 years.

Badmus decried the situation whereby the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) conduct exams last for only one year period, noting that such situations have led to the frustration of many youths who, in turn go into some social vices.

Explaining further, Badmus who advocated for 2 year period for the validity of JAMB results said “failure of JAMB has led many youths into vices such as internet fraud, cultism and kidnapping. If all the people who did not pass JAMB are absolved into the vocational courses, they will be more useful to themselves and the society. If the youths are engaged meaningfully, it will reduce a lot of crimes”.

In his remarks, Vice Rector, Tokat University, Turkey, Prof Isa Gokce who came to Nigeria to supervise the entrance exams assured that Nigerian students willing to study in Turkey are sure of getting quality education at an affordable rate.

Prof Gokce who informed that Turkey has a 90 percent tuition waiver for Nigerian students and Africa at large added that the tuition fees are small and that there are about 1,020 Universities which are already accommodating foreign students from Asia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Balkans etc.

Prof Gokce said “Turkish government has subsidised the tuition, food and accommodation. Nigerians have chances to have high quality education and affordable education in Turkey”.

Commending Goodmus Learning Center, the University don added “Goodmus Learning Center is authentic and they are doing very well. We have had a good working relationship with them and we trust them. We will ask the Turkish Embassy to always facilitate the student’s visa so that it will be easier for applicants. ”

Revealing that the Turkish government is running a campaign to accept foreign students’ en-masse, Prof Gokce pointed out that there are about 5,000 Turkish students in Tokat University while foreign students are only about 1,500 students.

He however, promised that they are making efforts to increase the number of foreign students from 1,500 to 4,000 to 5,000 in the next three to four years.

Corroborating Prof Gokce, Director, Technical/Secondary School, and Associate Professor Burak Ocakli said that Turkey offers good and quality education to both foreign and Turkish students.

Prof Ocakli said “Turkish government has subsidised the tuition, food and accommodation. Nigerians have chances to have high quality education and affordable education in Turkey.

Also speaking during a brief seminar after the entrance exam in Lagos, General Manager, Goodmus Learning Centre, Bankole Akinfolarin stated that Goodmus has commenced a new package that is designed for Nigerian students who also want to do their secondary education in Turkey.

Describing the school as Tokat Private and Innovation Schools, Akinfolarin said the school is aimed at giving education to high level individuals who follow scientific and technological developments in the academic, professional and social fields within the framework of the needs of the age, maintain growth with innovation, adopt national values and internalize the behaviours required by the professional discipline.

In the Tokat private school, Akinfolarin assured that courses such as Informatics, Electrical Electronics Technology Field, Renewable Energy Technology, Biomedical, Health Services and Textile Technology fields are offered.

According to the GM, training would be organised for all international students unable to speak the Turkish language for some time as this would remove language barriers and help them settle comfortably in the country.

Furthermore, Akinfolarin said: “I have been to Turkey last year and I saw the standard. It’s massive.”

On visa procurement and assistance to the students, Akinfolarin stated that the Turkish Government Universities do enter into talks with the Turkish Embassy in Abuja on behalf of the students so that the Embassy becomes aware that the schools are expecting the students in Turkey.

Also speaking at the Ikorodu exam center, another agent and the project coordinator at the center, Mrs. Oluwashina Esther Aluko advised Nigerians to grab the opportunity created by the center for Nigerians willing to study abroad.

Mrs. Esther, a Financial Crime Analyst Cum Career and Personal Development Coach disclosed that she has decided to buy into the initiative because it is capable of enabling Nigerians to go and study abroad.

She said “My father, Mr. Olajide Aluko invested in the project simply because Goodmus Learning Centre and their educational initiatives are very good opportunity to assist those who are willing to study abroad. His inspiration is his passion for helping people and that is why he invested in this project”.

On challenges, Mrs. Esther said “It has been quite challenging because we know there are people out there with the wrong intention doing something similar. We need to convince our clients, that what we are doing is not fraud. Thanks for my Fraud Analyst background, it has made me to be able to convince them and let them understand that what we are doing is not fraudulent. I have done my due diligence in this project before I bought into it. We already have some students studying in Turkey. You pay for what you get. We have 28 and another 10 from other centres who have come to write this entrance exam. We have been in the project in less than 2 months. Though, I live in the UK but for a while, I am acting as a Career Mentor or Career Coach to the students and it has been very useful on the part of the students.

“I advise Nigerians to grab the opportunity because it will not be here forever. The payments are made in phases and they should do so accordingly”, she said.