Glo unveils Outsource Pro to ease business owners stress



Globacom, has introduced a strategic business solution, “Glo Outsource Pro” a product that will enable companies and businesses to outsource some of their non-core operations and focus on their core competencies, leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced customer experiences.

The “Glo Outsource Pro” allows companies to delegate specific operational activities, such as customer support, finance and accounting, IT services, human resources, and supply chain management to Globacom which leverages its expertise, technology, and economies of scale to optimise processes and deliver high-quality results that will impact positively on their operations, Globacom explained in a statement.

The offering is designed to “help companies maximise cost-effectiveness, boost productivity, and improve effectiveness in the marketplace by helping them look after some non-core sections of their business so they can focus on their core activities,” the company added.

Besides the benefits of efficiency and cost reduction, “Glo Outsource Pro” also promotes technology upgrade, competitive advantage and improved effectiveness in the marketplace.

With Glo Outsource Pro, organisations are able to contract out their inbound and outbound call centre activities, inbound technical helpdesk, social media management, data mining for planning purposes and general back office support.

“It will also help them in the areas of teleprospecting, customer campaigns/onboarding, retention campaigns, collections, sales campaigns, etc,” Globacom said.

It noted that the offering is mostly suited for large and medium corporate businesses in banking, energy, oil and gas, FMCG, manufacturing, distribution, utility, internet service providers (ISPs), logistics companies, MSME, etc.

The new business management proposition “positions Glo as the ultimate value and innovative solutions provider for business of all classes. It will unlock the full potential of businesses that sign on for it, driving cost savings, operational excellence, and unmatched customer experiences,” the statement added.

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