French new President Macron's leadership style


The youthful new French President, Emmanuel Macron is at present worldwide first among equals when within just two days on assumption of office appointed the country’s leader of opposition as Prime Minister.

This is just an enviable surprise to political watchers around the world given Macron’s ego and political disposition. He has laid a credible foundation for uninterrupted governance in France.

During the country’s election, he coasted home with the majority of votes to emerge the number one citizen of that country.

In other countries of the world hardly can one find the incumbent president appoint an opposition leader as Prime Minister just as Macron had done.

His action unknown to many political watchers is a pointer to good governance, relative peace and calm in the country and by extension the world at large.

Now that he is in the saddle, he should settle down to business of governance in earnest to prove his critics wrong in all ramifications.

First he should re-examine and overhaul his foreign policies to justify the confidence reposed in him by the electorate. Another first he had scored is appointment of civil society members into his cabinet. He had virtually solidified his presidency by his recent appointment of opposition leaders to his government.

Given his youthful age he has the stamina and physique to take France to the citizens’ expectation. This he could do by proper planning and execution of programmes he had for the country.

By the singular act of appointing opposition leaders into his cabinet, he had advertently laid the foundation for continuous peace and good government in contrast to a situation where the opposition is avoided like a leper in other countries of the world.

He should continue with this novel style of leadership and this should be emulated by world leaders to achieve relative peace across the world. He should not stop at that, he should appoint many more opposition leaders to his cabinet to leverage on the solidarity the country’s citizens have for him.

France is an active member of the Security Council. The new president should use this opportunity to improve on world peace and international relations. The country is a signatory to many world treaties; he should examine them and make necessary amends. For him, age is on his side and the world looks up to him for utmost performance in office.

Most world countries are riddled by civil war and unrest, Macron should liaise with world leaders to reduce the tempo of unrest worldwide. Back at home, France’s economy is never known to be in recession hitherto, Macron should prevent that happening as much as possible  as the country is fortunate to have a young man in the saddle. They should use this opportunity to give him unflinching support to govern.

Macron has humongous burden on his neck, however with proper planning and execution, he is sure to succeed, the more reason he should cuddle the citizenry.

His style of leadership has started on a sound footing and he should not derail because the world is watching him for any infraction. This is a lesson Nigerians should learn from and that is not avoiding the opposition as a leper in the scheme of things. Macron has bound his government and opposition together to achieve a common purpose and this is how it should be to engender peace and security.

Emmanuel Macron the world doff its hat to you and with God on your side, you sure will not derail if you govern well because the world still expects much from you.

We therefore congratulate you on your new assignment.