Food scarcity: Southwest stakeholders urge for increased agricultural funding and enhanced security for farmers

Nigerians in the South-West region have emphasised the need for increased agricultural funding and farmers’ security to boost farm produce cultivation and reduce food prices.

The respondents aired their views to improve the agricultural sector and boost food production in separate interviews with the News Agency in Ibadan on Tuesday.

They advised state governments to reduce the high cost of food items by sponsoring farmers in their various states to explore the opportunities of acquired lands and sustained farm settlements.

According to them, governors in the South-West have much to do in their various states to boost national agricultural development.

Mr Mustapha Badmus, advised state governments to invest in large-scale farming on acquired lands, farm settlements and virgin lands, especially along the Ibadan-Lagos expressway.

Badmus said, “With the blessing of arable land we have in the South-West, the states could put such lands to use to boost agricultural development and address food crises.

“Our farm settlements and farm extensions should be revived.

“Farm extension workers are not supposed to be in the office as their work is on the farm and in the rural areas, not in the secretariat.

“Although state governors roll out loans and bailouts to farmers, they should ensure the funds reach the actual farmers and not the so-called farmers who collect without utilising such loans for farming,” he said.

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