Foluke Daramola’s daughter turns TV host


Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola Salako’s daughter,                Ibukunoluwa has emerged, probably, the youngest Africa’s TV host, as she recently unveiled a reality TV show called Irinkerindo.

The show which is nestled with so much creativity, and under the Umbrella of Foibir Entertainment, is the inquisitive adventure of Ibunkunoluwa, the ambitious 11 year-old Yoruba girl, in search of her cultural tenets and values.

The child seasonal reality TV Show will be the first of its kind in Africa because, Ibunkun has been going everywhere already, looking for those values that makes African culture so rich.

Speaking with journalists, Foluke said; “Ibukunoluwa is the leader of 15 other inquisitive children. They have been moving from place to place as a team in search of the cultural tenets and values of what makes the Yoruba race  unique in the comity of other cultures in Nigeria, their country.

This is the inquisitive and unique adventure of Ibunkunoluwa, an 11-year old Yoruba girl in search of her cultural values with her team.

They are the ambitious modern children, but they still want to grow in the cultural tenets of their race. They love their culture.

They want to know everything about it. They have been moving with their diaries to write down what they are learning and knowing about it.

They have a brilliant mission to produce a unique book for the preservation of the Yoruba culture.

It is a seasonal reality television show which will expose this adventure and document it for the generation of other children to come and learn about”.