FG, reconnect Oke-Ogun with other parts of Nigeria


Despite 60 per cent landmass of the geographical space of OyoState, Oke-Ogun seems to be the home of frustration, agony and neglect. Subsequent governments of the state have done little for the people.
Oke-Ogun is popularly referred to as the food basket of Oyo State, but it is left to wallow in poverty without having a taste of social amenities. Darkness is almost a culture in most parts of the zone.
A journey through Saki, one of the most popular towns in the zone, to Ibadan, the state capital, seems to be a pathway to hell. Except for the rich few who ride luxury cars, there is hardly anybody who goes through the tumultuous journey without resorting to painkillers at night. Drivers rush to automobile workshops to repair their vehicles.
A journey that should ordinarily last for two hours, 30 minutes takes skilled commercial drivers a minimum of four hours. Without exaggeration, the journey can be described as one through a wild desert.
Painfully, the zone is always the decider of who wins gubernatorial polls in the state. Immediately after elections are won, men of the zone are made to man ministries with little relevance. There is hardly any political promise to the zone that gains expression. This has almost taken from the people their means of survival.
There is no household in Oke-Ogun without a farmer, yet lack of good roads and neglect by authorities has almost rendered the hard labour of the people an exercise in futility.
The present administration led by Governor Abiola Ajimobi has dualised Iseyin township road and work is ongoing on the dualisation of Saki-Ilesha Baruba road, but investors cannot be attracted with that effort alone. The Iseyin to Oyo road is hardly motorable.
The same ugly scenario obtains in other roads in the area. Millions of people should not be maltreated by virtue of location.
Another problem is the numerous police checkpoints on the road. A journey from Ibadan to Oorelope Local Government has as many as 15 checkpoints. At each point, vehicles are conveniently ‘passed’ after the payment of flat ‘toll fee’ of N100 without conducting any check.
Apart from being illegal, this is also outrageous because people will still spend more money on repairing their vehicles.