Family terrorised by secret society after refusing membership

In a tragic and alarming series of events, the family of Francis Ebhuoma has been living in constant fear following the death of his father in a motor accident. Ebhuoma’s father was a member of the Ogboni fraternity, and as the first son, Francis is expected to take his father’s place in the secret society. However, as a devout Christian, Francis and his wife have decided against his joining the fraternity.

The situation escalated on June 22, 2023, when members of the Ogboni fraternity arrived at the Ebhuoma residence to kidnap Mr Francis, They succeeded in taking Mr Francis away to an unknown destination. Fortunately, their eldest son was not at home, having gone to pick up his younger brother from school. The fraternity members repeatedly threatened to return, putting the entire family on edge.

Despite reporting the incident to the Itele Police Station on the day it occurred, no substantial action has been taken by the authorities. The police have promised to investigate, but the family has seen no progress. Appeals to Francis’ relatives have also gone unanswered, leaving the family feeling isolated and vulnerable.

The threats have forced the family to move frequently in search of safety. They initially sought refuge with a friend, but soon received information that the fraternity members were still pursuing them.

They moved again to the home of Mrs. Adefunke Adeyemi, a family friend, but this led to a tragic outcome. The Ogboni members allegedly questioned and tortured Mrs. Adefunke Adeyemi, who died as a result of the ordeal on the 28th July, 2023.

The Ebhuoma family remains in hiding, hoping for intervention and justice as they navigate this terrifying ordeal. Their plight underscores the urgent need for effective law enforcement and community support in the face of threats from powerful secret societies.

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