FA Cup semi-final: I’ll never do draw again – Ian Wright




Arsenal legend, Ian Wright has claimed he will never do the FA Cup draw again after getting “slaughtered” by fans last weekend.

The 60-year-old conducted the semi-final draw live on ITV on Sunday, following Manchester United’s 4-3 win against Liverpool at Old Trafford.

Wright deliberately looked away from the bag, so that he could not see any of the balls as he drew them out.

The draw saw United paired with Coventry City and Manchester City playing Chelsea.

But Wright has said he would not like to do the draw again, after supporters mocked him for imitating the blind musician Stevie Wonder.

He said on the Stick to Football podcast: “Don’t ask me to do it [the FA Cup draw] again! It’s nerve-wracking and if they ask me to do it again [I won’t]. He [Roy Keane] had skin in the game.

“Could you imagine if he’d done it and Manchester United came out against Coventry?! I was being neutral. I thought I was a very good neutral as well.

“I didn’t even realise at the time. I’d done Coventry and Man United, so we know what’s next and I was so close to going “well we know what’s next, what’s the point of drawing them!”‘


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