Etisalat extends LTE coverage to five cities


Digital Mobile Operator, Etisalat Nigeria, has concluded plans to extend Long Term Evolution data services to four cities across the country.
Its Chief Technical Officer, Mr.  Stephane Beovelet, who disclosed this at the introduction of the service in Abuja, named the cities as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kaduna and Kano.
The LTE provides a path for increasing the capacity and speed of data services while deploying second generation and third generation mobile technologies. Wikipedia defines LTE as a standard for high speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals based on Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution and third generation technologies.
Beovelet said, “We are proud to say that Etisalat was 4G-evolution ready from the day that we entered the market by ensuring that all Etisalat SIM cards are compatible with 4G LTE technology. Therefore, Etisalat customers do not need to change their SIMs before they can enjoy 4G services. This shows that we are a forward thinking organisation.
“Technology is evolving by the second and in order to be on the cutting edge; at Etisalat Nigeria, we are doing everything to bridge the gap and help improve the lives of Nigerians.
“With Etisalat 4G LTE services, we are giving Nigerians the best in class 4G network to enable you to enhance whatever it is you are doing. We are not just delivering the technology, we are providing a platform for you to change your lives.”
He said with Etisalat’s LTE technology platform, medical doctors or medical practitioners are able to conduct and provide quality healthcare advisory through telemedicine as they can use telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance.
According to him, Etisalat’s LTE will also facilitate e-learning by enabling students to use their mobile devices or a computer to gather and share knowledge.
He said the LTE services would improve the conduct of business and increase return on investment as time represents money.
Beovelet added, “By redefining distance and space with virtual possibilities through the speed of communication, you do not have to travel all the time to physically attend important meetings because you can now use our 4G LTE platform to hold virtual meetings without a glitch.
“Transportation, education, health, business and many other sectors stand to benefit from this technology. Working from home is now a reality in Nigeria as people can remain seamlessly connected even in the comfort of their homes.”
The company’s Vice President, Marketing, Adebisi Idowu, said the network’s 23 million subscribers were the primary target of the new technology even as new ones were welcome. For existing subscribers, he added; new SIM cards were not required.