Environmentalist urges event planners to contribute to proper waste disposal


An Environmentalist and Founder, Green Global Initiative, Mr Akintola Akinyemi, has advised social event planners in the country to take the issue of waste disposal seriously.

Akinyemi gave the advise on Tuesday in an interview with newsmen in Ilorin, saying that event planners should help to change the poor attitude of the citizenry toward waste disposal.

He decried the unhygienic attitude of most city dwellers, accusing them of dumping refuse indiscriminately in the environment.

According to him, there is a need to deepen the orientation of Nigerians in different spheres of life on the importance of environmental preservation.

Akinyemi also said that the principle of reduce, recycle and re-use, should include “reserve and reject” “because plastic bags are not bio-degradable.”

He advised retailers to stop giving extra cellophane bags to their favoured customers, saying that the practice was detrimental to the environment.

The environmentalist said that he had planted 500 trees across Kwara in the last 12 months as his contribution to a healthy environment.

He expressed regrets that tree planting seemed to have been reduced to an occasional government ceremony, leaving planted trees uncared for.

Akinyemi described plants and trees as invaluable to humanity, saying that reducing the number of trees posed serious threat to the wellbeing and continued survival of humankind.

He said that trees remained the major oxygen bank, which human beings and animals depended on, in addiition to oxygen from the oceans.

He advised government to strictly regulate the felling of trees in forests and private property and homes.

He said that once trees were planted, they become a common heritage of humanity.