#EndSARS protest: Security agencies foil Ikoyi jailbreak attempt


Tobi Adetunji

A combine effort by officers of the Nigerian Army, The Nigeria Police Force,  and the Nigeria Civil service Defense Corps (NSCDC), on Thursday repelled  attempted jailbreak by the hoodlums in the Ikoyi Correctional Service in Lagos.

Giving account of the incident, the Assistant Comptroller General of the Ikoyi Correctional Service, Mr. Tosin Akinrujomu, said the repeal on the attempted jail-break, followed an intelligence report he got from the Controller of the Nigerian Correctional Service, Lagos State Command, Mr. Sam. Iyokorega.

He said: “At about 11: 00 a.m. on Thursday, the Controller of Correctional Service, Lagos State command, gave me a call that there is crisis inside the Ikoyi Custodian center and you are all aware of the situation of the town in Lagos.

“We were able to mobilize ourselves; by the time we are coming on the way we have mobilized other sister agencies, the Civil Defense (NSCDC), the mobile Police, the Police, the Army, as a matter of fact the Brigade Commander was here with us with his men.

“By the time we got here, they have set the record office, the administrative office ablaze and borrowed poles on the perimeter wall for them to start escaping. They have also attacked a lot of our staff and wounded them.

Stating that no inmate escaped during the attempt,  he said that “with the assistance of sister agencies and our own men, we have been able to contain the crisis and we can assure the public that there is peace here right now.

“At the same time, we can assure the public that the we have backup data for the record office that was burnt, where we can retrieve all the documents, they think we cannot get.”

Commenting further on the situation, he said, the fire actually damaged properties such as Computer facilities, the record office, the administrative block and some cells which were also set ablaze.

He said: “the Kitchen where the inmate food is kept was cut up in the inferno. We saw fire everywhere and to God be the glory we were able to bring fire Brigade.

“As you can see, they have put off the fire, and we have been able to return all inmates back to their cells.

“We want to assure the public, that we are on top of the game and the correctional service is capable of keeping the correctional Centre without any external aggression,” he said