Elite setting masses against Buhari – Senate leader


Senate Leader, Ali Ndume on Monday, alleged that the current public outcry against the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, was orchestrated by the elite who wanted to set the masses against the Daura born retired general.

Ndume, who spoke with journalists in Abuja on the current economic situation in the country further alleged that there was a deliberate attempt by elites to set the federal government against the masses since they have discovered the support base of the administration.

He said, “For instance, I wonder what the exchange rate of the of dollar to Naira has to do with the price of gaari, maize and tomatoes that are produced locally in Nigeria.

“Elites are deliberately sabotaging the Buhari’s administration ‎in order to make the All Progressive Congress government unpopular.”

He explained that the Buhari administration had made significant achievements in the areas of war against insurgency, war against corruption and infrastructure decadence in Nigeria.

The senate leader said, “If not for the saboteurs, Nigerians would have been reaping the dividend of electing President Buhari. Otherwise, what has the fall of Naira has do with millet, tomatoes and other local produced commodities.?

“It is understandable that the price is affected but we are working hard on the 2016 Budget and in it, the president had included items that would enhance the living ‎conditions of Nigerians. We will pass the budget in March.”


  1. If Ali Ndume doesn’t have anything to offer on the present challenges befalling Nigeria economy, he should just stay mute than saying rubbish. For Christ sake the Nigeria people are well informed about their economy and country as a whole. They don’t need any elder or elite somewhere to make them see what’s going on. In 9 months, things are going worse and u think pple should talk or complain. The masses are the major share holder in these economic mess. So they don’t need any elite to make them know. Ali Ndume watch ur statement.

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