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Ekweremadu: Invoke Royal Prerogative of Mercy – Enugu politician, Eya writes King Charles



A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Enugu State, Mr Chinedu Eya has made a passionate appeal to King Charles III for the release of Senator Ike Ekweremadu.

News Men had reported that Ekweremadu, his wife, Beatrice and a medical doctor, Obinna Obeta bagged different prison terms on Friday in the United Kingdom after being sentenced for organ harvesting.

Eya has now written a letter to the newly crowned King Charles III, begging him to use his Prerogative of Mercy and set the Ekweremadus and the doctor free.

The letter made available to News Men on Monday in Enugu was titled: ‘Appeal for Your Gracious and Merciful Invocation of the Royal Prerogative of Mercy For Ike Ekweremadu and wife, Beatrice over their conviction by a British Court’.

Eya wrote: “I wish to start this letter by congratulating Your Majesty on your coronation a few days ago, in the United Kingdom.

“Having said that, It is equally important to inform you that your coronation is coming on the heels of the sentencing of my dearest brother and Nigerian former deputy Senate President, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, his wife and doctor, Obinna Obeta to 9 years, 4 years and 10 years, respectively in prison by an Old Bailey Court for violating British laws on kidney donation and transplant.

“The court’s action became so devastating to many of us in Enugu State and Nigerian in general because the lawmaker only got enmeshed in the whole controversy as a parent who was only desirous to save the life of his daughter, Sonia.

“Sonia, who is Ekweremadu’s daughter as I make this appeal, is still writhing in pain and living on daily medication (dialysis) in a bid to survive her debilitating health challenge which has eventually led to her parents’ conviction.

“The young lady was in dire need of a kidney transplant; unfortunately, her parents and their doctor went about the mission in the most unacceptable ways.

“Already, Ekweremadu and his wife have been convicted and sentenced accordingly.

“I write to seek for your gracious and merciful invocation of the Royal Prerogative of Mercy for Ike Ekweremadu and wife, Beatrice over their conviction by the British court.

“Senator Ekweremadu, before his conviction, was a priceless resource in Nigeria and Africa in general.

“He had served our federation as deputy Senate President, as well as functioned as speaker of ECOWAS parliament, where he contributed immeasurably to the development and stability of our democracy; hence the above appeal.”


Rising costs: Meat price increases in Ibadan



By Bushrah Adeshina, Ibadan

The National Butchers Association, Oyo State chapter, has announced an increase in meat prices as of Monday.

This price adjustment is a necessary response to the escalating costs of transportation and other operational expenses faced by the association, they said.

The Chairman of the state’s butcher association, Mr. Wahab Olayiwola, revealed this development during a prayer session held at the Agodi Gate prayer ground in Ibadan.

He underscored the industry’s vulnerability to inflation and emphasised that the price hikes were imperative for the sustenance of their businesses.

While urging understanding from residents, Olayiwola highlighted the regulatory challenges that necessitated the price adjustment.

 He noted that government intervention, including the provision of soft loans and a conducive business environment, would safeguard the industry from collapse and ensure a sustainable livelihood for its members.

Echoing similar sentiments, Mr. Biliaminu Elesinmeta, the Southwest Coordinator of the butchers, emphasised the association’s reliance on prayer for divine intervention amid the nation’s challenging economic climate.

Elesinmeta said, “We want to urge the government to assist us and see how the price of goods and services can come down. It is not our fault that we are increasing the price of meat. We sell what we buy.

“We need the assistance of the government. Nigerians don’t rear cows; they supply us. These cows are from neighbouring countries like Chad, Niger, and Mali and we buy them using CFA. Also, the cost of transporting these cows is very costly.”

Several industry members expressed concerns over operating at a loss and called on government authorities at all levels to intervene promptly, advocating for measures to enhance the viability of their businesses.

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A trumpet calls to the few and true Celestians



…Celestial will live but the Church will die!

This is not a doomsday prophecy but the evolving reality and fact as will be explained or offered in the following perspective.

The unfolding words will powerfully resonate within all true celestians, especially those who sense, within that there is a yawning gap, a spiritual stagnation and the receding effect of retrogression-disintegration in what today is observed in the literal body of Celestial Church of Christ.

And the problem as many think is not about having or not having a pastor or multiple pastors. It is not about what Prophet SBJ Oshoffa is quoted to have said or not. It is not the prophets or choristers who have failed.

It is simply that no leader will ever be able to direct the church or the former spiritual mission-mandate, since no leader currently on earth is prenatally prepared to anchor or further such a delicate and tenured mission from the Light. By the Law of the cycle of creation, that cycle is closed.

It is therefore natural that the church has, having reached its climax, decay sets in because no leader has been prenatally-gifted and prepared to take the course/advance the spiritual needs of the people of the church.

What will live is CELESTIAL- the Power from the celestial heights will live because it is living and just like the mandate that gave rise to the church, it has already been withdrawn and preserved.

What is left, is an intellectual edifice, a leftover or remnant of supra-earathly power, sufficient to cause a stir here and there and apparently nourished and sustained by the collective will of the church occupants especially the very old faithful members who witnessed the golden power-filled era.

The church expansion or apparent growth is but a false brightness, a twinkling of a Dying Star. The Celestial Mandate of saving the souls from the clutches of witches and wizards, and by large the Darkness, through the founder, prophets and inspired music has been fulfilled but the prophecy of the last boat of salvation failed.

IMANUEL -God with Us-, the Holy Spirit, the eternal mediator has come (CCC hymn 578), has called but his call to the chosen ones which the boat (because they will be few in number) should have carried to Him, did not sail because the sail-bridge became broken and now is even cut off.

To all those who are faithful in the fold and searching, seek your eternal salvation elsewhere as the golden era cannot return. Seek the Truth Not in a prophet/church/sect but “innerly,” to the Almighty-


Each one is now for himself, no one can help him/her in this urgent race. Salvation or Death is where we are now. Again the Call, No prophet/shepherd can help, they do not know the way anymore, those who once knew can’t find it. Yes, here and there prayers are still answered, visions are still seen but this is not dependent on any or a type of church or sect but by Law, the ever active Laws of Creation.

Have we not seen the prayers of many of the so-called unbelievers answered? Even faster and lasting than believers ? For does the rain not fall on believers and unbelievers alike? Are there no seers even in non-Christian or non celestial fold? Vision or prophets are not the exclusive right of one denomination or religion. It is a natural gift from above.

Again the end of days we are in on earth calls loudly to the individual to make his or her effort to find the Truth that saves especially as the ARK which could have taken the few chosen ones has been ridden with holes and it will no longer sail to the expected destination.

He whose spiritual ears are still active should listen to this warning call. Grab the lifeboat offered, exit the Ark and sail to a temporary anchor but with the earnest prayer that you may find the needed rescue-help.

It is hoped that such earnest ones will find help.

Consequently, He who reads, absorbs and resonates with the words of this text has a natural obligation to share with those he feels will benefit also. They are few, very few.

May all those who seek, find.


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Troops neutralise 3 suspected herders in Benue



Operation Whirl Stroke (OPWS),  says the troop has killed three suspected armed herdsmen who attacked troops deployed in Apa Local Government Area of Benue State.
 Gen Sunday Igbinomwanhia, the Force Commander of the OPWS made the disclosure on Monday in Makurdi while briefing journalists on the attack.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that OPWS covers Nasarawa, Taraba and Benue States.
Igbinomwanhia said that the armed herders during the attack, killed one personnel and injured another who was receiving treatment at a hospital in Makurdi.
According to him, the other troops were currently carrying out a clearance operation to flush out suspected armed foreign herders who have invaded Kwande LGA.
He alleged that those terrorising some villages in Kwande LGA were suspected armed herdsmen coming into the country through the international border line between Nigeria and Cameroon.
In another development, suspected herders killed about three persons in Kwande LGA on Sunday night.
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