EKEDC warns against building under near high voltage facilities


The Eko Electricity Distribution Company, EKEDC, has warned against building under or near high voltage electricity facilities, saying it is not only illegal but also dangerous.

According to the company’s management on Monday, building around such facilities could lead to electrocution during unexpected breaks.

“In Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) the safety of the lives of our esteemed customers is always of paramount importance to us because we want you to stay alive to enjoy our services”.

“Building under or near high voltage electricity facilities is not only illegal but also dangerous to your wellbeing. Do not expose yourself and your family to the danger of high voltage conductors and possible electrocution during unexpected line snaps”.

It added that customers should adhere to stipulated right of way when building either schools, religious houses, shops, residential and others, warning that it will not take responsibility for consequences of disobedience.

“Please avoid all acts and practices that can endanger your life as regards electricity. Ensure the stipulated right of way for power lines is well observed in construction of your buildings. Structures like shops, markets, motor parks, recreational centers, schools and places of worship are all prohibited from being built close to electricity infrastructure and anyone living or transacting business close to any of these does so at his or her own risk as EKEDC will not accept responsibility for any consequence arising from these illegal acts. Please stay alive”, the statement read.