Edo Diaspora rally support for Obaseki second term


By Seun Ibiyemi (Edo state)

Edo Diaspora connect worldwide on Tuesday staged a massive rally in support of Governor Obaseki and the Deputy governor Shaibu of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for second term in the state.

Speaking during the rally, Coordinator General of the group, Comrade Stanley Osazee said that the Obaseki second term project is their project

“This is a support group from those who are in Diaspora, we are not run by government, nobody has the right to decide the fate of Edo people” he said.

“We do not need any fund from the government to operate, the only reason they don’t want this government to continue is because he refused to share Edo’s money, this government has done well and we will continue to support it”.

“We have  gone round three local governments and we decide to use the governor office as the grand finale, we cannot allow anyone to intimidate us and decide who will be our governor for us’ he added

“All of them including those who are fighting the government should come out openly to say its because of stomach infrastructure, none of them have ever accused him of bad performance”.

The special adviser on media to governor Obaseki, who received the group, noted that the group is a non governmental support group

He thanked the group for their support for Governor Obaseki and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Adding that Edo people are energized to pursue the redemption of Edo state from oppressors

“If anyone thinks he wants to stop the will of the people, there  is only one consequence and that is, the people will crush them. People’s Power is greater than self interest

“We know that some godfathers are interested in this election but we are sounding a note of warning that our people have chosen whom they want, the people want Obaseki to continue for another four years.

“The oppressors should know that this battle started long ago with Comrade Adams Oshiomhole that said we should stand on one man one vote, that no man is God, he initiated the campaign and we came together to pursue it, we achieved it with him and after he finished he handed over to Obaseki, now he wants to change the goal post and decided to become the godfather, the battle has now consumed Oshiomhole and any other person who decide to stand on our paths

He advised them that they should allow the will of Edo people to prevail.