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Dauda Lawal pledges relief packages to victims of terrorist attack

The Governor of Zamfara State, Dauda Lawal has pledged relief packages to victims of terrorist attacks in parts of Zurmi Local Government Area and surrounding communities.

The state offered to extend assistance and emergency relief materials to the affected people in their respective areas.

Governor Dauda Lawal’s spokesperson, Sulaiman Idris in a statement reassured the people of Zamfara of the government’s dedication to ensuring their safety.

The statement read, “The state government will extend assistance and emergency relief materials to the affected people.

“We want to assure the people of Zamfara that we are fully committed to ensuring their safety. We are aware of the sacrifice of the security forces in their efforts to protect the people’s lives.

“The state government will provide them with all the necessary logistics and support to fight banditry. We will not rest until Zamfara is completely secure.”

The Governor also expressed sympathy for the communities impacted by the bandit attacks and commended the troops for their commendable efforts.

Speaking, he said, “Zamfara State government is deeply concerned over the recent attacks in communities across the state, particularly in Zurmi, Maru, and Tsafe Local Government Areas.

“Governor Lawal further commended the efforts of the security forces for neutralizing scores of leaders of the bandit groups across the state.”

He stated that positive reports highlighted the progress made by troops in the fight against banditry in the state, acknowledging the sacrifices and efforts of the security forces.

The Governor called for continued support and prayers for the security forces engaged in restoring peace and security to the state.

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