Dangote offers scholarship to students of host community


Ogun West region of Ogun State have given out scholarship awards to students of the company’s host communities.

The awardees were selected after an inter school quiz competition organized and sponsored by the employees of the company to celebrate this year company’s Sustainability week themed, “staying safe together, the Dangote way” held within the company situated at Ibese in Yewa North Local Government of the State.

Speaking with journalists during the programme,  the Head of Department of Health, Safety and Environment, Mr Akalusi Elvis, pointed out that the event was put in place as part of their sustainability programme which emphasized on quality education for the youths.

According to him, “This programme was informed by sustainable development goal #4 which talks about quality education for our youths. The company acknowledges that education is the key to sustainability and these children here are our future. It is an opportunity for us to impact in their lives for a better tomorrow; that was basically what informed this competition.”

Mr Akalusi implored the State Government to provide enabling environment that would assist the company to strive so that the programme could be sustained.

“The only way that I think the government most especially the Government of Ogun State can assist is to provide an enabling environment for the company to thrive. With a peaceful environment, the company will thrive, the youth will be sustained and also the programme will be sustained and continued,” he said.

On his own, the Actg Asst. Director for Transport and Sustainability Adviser for Dangote, Ibese, Mr Sanusi Isikilu said, “One of the method of improving sustainability in our host community is to ensure that we invest so much in education of the youths so that they will be useful for themselves and their communities in future. Also, we have some of our staff going to the schools to teach the students for free, this are what we are proud of and its going to be sustained.”

He advised the students to keep improving themselves with assurance that the Company was ready to support and nurture them to their dream height.

In the same vain, one of the organizers of the event, who is also the sustainability lead for Dangote Cement Plc, Ibese  and a process Engineer, Engr. Lovelyn Ekuma, stated that the programme was put together to encourage the students academically and mentally, adding that the society would be a better place for everyone to live if a child is given opportunity to have access to a quality and affordable education.

Engr. Lovelyn advised the students not to relent, but work very hard to actualize their dream in life, stating that the scholarship award was to motivate them towards achieving success.

Her words, “this programme was put in place to encourage the students and also improve them academically and mentally. If every child is given an opportunity to quality education, the world will be a better place for you and I because they will become self reliant and productive in future”

One of the beneficiaries of the scholarship, Miss Precious Taiwo from Owu Community Comprehensive High School, Elere, while appreciating the sponsors of the award, promised to take advantage of it with assurance to work more hard to attain academic height, while calling on her colleagues not to relent but, put more efforts to achieve success for the betterment of their communities.

At the end of the Inter School Quiz Competition,  Owu Community Comprehensive High School, Elere, came first, Eyinni Comprehensive High School, Iboro, came second, while Oluaso High School, Imasayi, came third.