CSR: Residents, business owners rejoice as NewsDirect rehabilitates road



By Sodiq Adelakun

Joy filled the air as the yearly rehabilitation of Gasline Community Road was flagged off yesterday by the Samuel Folorunsho Ibiyemi Foundation and Nigerian NewsDirect Newspapers.

The initiative, which started many years ago, has been praised by residents, business owners, motorists, and motorcyclists who have identified the road as a busy one that requires yearly rehabilitation.

Madam Magareth, a stationery vendor, expressed her delight at the road rehabilitation, stating that it would attract more customers to her business as they would no longer have an excuse of bad roads.

She added that the bad roads and flooded areas were a turn-off for customers, who often preferred to buy from other places.

Bola Ameen, a tricycle operator, commended the late Samuel Ibiyemi for his philanthropic work in handling the infrastructure for the benefit of the people. He urged the family to continue the initiative to keep the legacy for sustainability.

He also called on the Ogun State government to look into infrastructure and rehabilitate all the bad roads in the state to reduce traffic jams and accidents.

He said, the absence of bad roads is expected to have a positive effect on the price of transport fares along Gasline Community Road.

Mrs Babatunde, a shop owner, also commended the efforts of the late Samuel Ibiyemi for his innovative thought in continuing his legacy. She acknowledged the challenges faced in the past but encouraged the family to continue with the initiative.

She said, “He has been doing it for years, though there has been challenges over it but we always defend him and encourage him to go on with what he is doing.

“We are happy for what Late Dr. Ibiyemi’s family is doing in our community with the roads and gutters every year; may God grant him paradise i. He is one in a million.”

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