COVID -19 pandemic could reshape architecture


By Christopher Tom, Uyo

A University Don, University of Uyo, Prof.  Ephraim E. Edem FNIA has said Coronavirus could reshape architecture  towards the profession standard in the twenty first century.

Prof. Ephraim Edem made this known in his lecture during the Nigeria Institute of architecture biennial general meeting/inauguration of new exco held at Ibom Tropicana entertainment centre in Uyo. While educating them what Coronavirus is capable of performing in the 21st century architecture world.

He said reshaping might surprise some of them but that they should understand that during quarantine “they are asked to be inside their house.” The enemy is in the street, in public space and in mass transit, the house are presumably the safe spaces. While architecture job are frustrated by the pandemic towards reshaping it.

According to him, “Quarantine makes all nonessential workers more intimately acquainted with the confines of their homes.

“For architects, it is a soul-searching exercise, especially if you happen to live in  a home you outfitted for yourself. Quarantine has led people to grow exhausted with the things they keep in the spaces of their apartments, especially those living in small apartments. Some people complain that spending a long time in one place during the COVID-19 quarantine made them get bored; hence they require an environment that can change more freely.”

Prof. Edem said, architects, must therefore rethink how they approach designing spaces for clients.

“As architects, we do not necessarily see this as the end of the world, and should not overreact. But, subconsciously, people will really take it into account as they assess their homes in the future.”

The University Don said, COVID-19 calls for prophylactic design.

“Masks and gloves barricade our bodies like a second skin. Taped circles speed 1:8m apart make sure we do not contaminate others while standing in a queue.

“Other ad-hoc strategies have emerged as more businesses reopen.”

He advised them to continue work hard as far as their profession is concerned without discouraging themselves understanding the COVID-19 would disappear at the appropriate time.