Corruption: Overhauling corruption-drenched agencies


The saga of corruption endemism which has engulfed Nigeria’s socio-political workings, remains a bane of troubles which by and large is forcefully brewing clusters of disturbances in the entirety of all facets of endeavours in the Nigerian society. The sordid vice is a soup of herbs that has left a sour taste in the mouth of Nigerian masses. The effects of the cankerworm have eaten deep into the working fabrics of the Federation, such that the country is apparently manifesting the symptoms of the remains of a devoured system whose immunity has been weakened by epidemic lethality.

Last Friday, the National Security Adviser (NSA) to the President, retired Maj.-Gen. Babagana Monguno, disclosed that no less than N712 billion has remained unaccounted for by former officials of the Presidential Amnesty Programme. The NSA made the disclosure while addressing State House correspondents, following the presentation of the recently appointed interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, to President Muhammadu Buhari, retired Col. Milland Dokio, at the State House, Abuja on Friday. He had lamented “the predatory instincts” and sordid manner the amnesty programme was soiled with corruption, waste and mismanagement of funds by previous administrators.

He had said, “A lot of things happened to catapult the whole programme into other issues that originally were not intended. The predatory instincts of certain individuals came into the fore and the programme was turned upside down and, as a result of this, like the administrator has just said, there was a lot of corruption, waste, mismanagement within this period. A whooping N712 billion was wasted,  basically unaccounted for, and this is due to so many issues, corruption being the main. Now, we realised that if the focus of the people, who are supposed to drive this programme, is to capsize the programme by allowing their own personal interest to come in, then we are all going to be in trouble because the Niger Delta is in trouble and, consequently, it will extend to the rest of the federation. I had to take this step to advise Mr. President that this waste cannot go on, this programme is not supposed to be an open-ended programme. There is no place on the surface of this earth where programmes that are supposed to be palliatives will continue forever. The idea is to bring someone with strength of character, sense of purpose, someone who is able to deal with this from the short, medium to long term. Someone who is not going to be pushed around; someone that will not succumb to socio-cultural political issues, and someone to clean up the stable and stabilise the region for the people of the Niger Delta region.”

The stench of corruption has become so endemic as voracious cankerworms that have destructively eaten deep into the fabrics of the Country. The modus operandi of public officers in running Nigeria’s affairs has over time flowed along the path of gross selfishness and personal driven interests which have largely pushed the Federation to the precipice of gross failure. Shrouding over Nigeria’s commonwealth as a free cake open for devouring, remains an disease which is by all means a woeful omen for the Country. Nigeria has been bleeding with deep cuts over the socio-economic and political injuries which have been inflicted on the Federation.

It is hereby alarming that the Government should come to terms of the realities of overhauling the administrative patterns of running the Nigerian polity. The prevailing corruption-driven system in administering Government structures, requires a forceful change that must be driven with overbearing attention. The need to reform existing government agencies which have over time existed as sapping channels through which unaccounted public funds have been drained, is highly topical.

The lingering protests across the Country despite appeasements from all quarters, is  largely not unconnected to the excruciating conditions of living in the Country. Youths who have remained handicap without jobs, will not give trooping to the street for a continuous protest a second thought. Clusters of troubles have continued to mount up to heat up the polity, with years of government insensitivity to address critical deficiencies, such as the endemic rot of corruption. As ongoing rancorous campaigns continue to heat up the polity, it is noteworthy and instructive for the Government to set up processes to reform the working patterns of the various corruption-prone agencies to chart an institutional- operational course navigated towards public-national interest against personal-selfish interests. Against folding arms with gross insensitivity till matters of concern grow out of manageable conditions, it is essential for the Government to take the proactive course of re-institutionalising the working patterns of government Ministries, Department, and Agencies (MDAs) to salvage them from working patterns skewed to service corruption, to the detriment of national-public interest.