Consensus senate presidency is against resolve of Nigerian people


As it has been generally expressed by millions of progressive and peace-loving Nigerians, we are of opinion that the alleged micro-zoning of Senate Presidency of the incoming 10th National Assembly to a particular geopolitical zone of the country by the ruling party, the APC, is not in the interest of vast majority of Nigerians.

Similarly and as being upheld nationwide, we believe that it is even more depressing and quite embarrassing that in our developing or quasi-fledgling democracy, the leadership of the ruling APC, allegedly with tacit approval and support of the incoming president, has brazenly settled for a particular senator-elect out of the 109 members of the Red Chamber yet to be inaugurated, as their consensus candidate. Indeed, it is apparent this cannot be in the interest of millions of Nigerians who are fervently awaiting a change of fortune from the socio-economic misfortunes they have suffered in the past eight years. The reasons for this are a legion.

First, people believe that the outgoing apex federal legislature has been the worst ‘rubber stamp’ Assembly in the governance of Nigeria since 1999. According to this general belief by the people, this is because there has been no tangible sign or respect for globally acclaimed tenets of separation of power which guarantee checks and balances between legislative and executive arms of the government. As it is obvious, the absence of genuine separation of power led to many of the anti-people fiscal and economic policies of the outgoing administration that the incoming Federal Government will have to deal with expeditiously for the country not to be grounded irreparably.

Secondly, we hold that superimposition of a  consensus candidate on the distinguished members of the Senate is not  only a corruption of the democratic process with its negative bandwagon effects on the polity, it is corruption in itself which is equally capable of breeding multi-faceted corruption in the lawmaking process in the National Assembly. In this regard, the fact is not far-fetched-if the leadership of the National Assembly is hand-picked, its allegiance will not be to the people who elected them but their masters. The danger here is the continuation of the system of governance which has pauperized majority of Nigerians continuously, particularly in the past eight years.

Lastly, we need to remind ourselves as Nigerians that the neo-diarchy or new version of diarchy espoused by late president of Nigeria, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, is the appropriate description of the government Nigeria has been condemned to run in the past four years as a result of instituted ‘rubber-stamp’ leadership of the National Assembly. Of course, we believe as it is held by millions of Nigerians that this situation has resulted in alleged unbridled corruption yet to be equaled in the history of governance in Nigeria since 1999.

In all of these, our take is that our democracy will better thrive for the general good of our people and to the applause and admiration of the  global community if our top politicians and the powers-that-be respect and apply all democratic ethos in their running the affairs of our nation. On this note, it is our considered opinion that this should begin with allowing a level-playing field for all those aspiring to lead in the 10th National Assembly. This is the best way our democracy can be deeply pillared on fairness and equity.

In general, we advise that the National Assembly should be allowed to choose its leadership without favouritism, meddling or superimposition of candidates from any quarters. And, in doing this the members-elect of the National Assembly too are advised to be honest with themselves not to elect those politicians Nigerians regard as ultra corrupt or having badges of graft and necklaces of embezzlement of public funds hanging on their necks.

By vociferously orchestrating imposition of a consensus candidate, particularly on the Senate, it is indubitably clear to most alarmed Nigerians that the leadership of the APC is consciously undermining our democracy. This is very pathetic as it seems the leadership of the party is intentionally looking the other way and covering the public eye with a deceptive cyst in spite of yet be resolved barrage of graft accusations against its advertised ‘bride’ for the coveted office of senate president.

As the the buzz of the consensus senate presidency seems to have temporarily fizzled into the crescendo of current preparations for the swearing-in of the incoming president and his vice, we admonish the ruling party to stop listening and dancing to its own music and allow democracy to grow in Nigeria for the advancement of Nigeria and socio-economic wellbeing of all Nigerians.