Condition of public schools


Public primary and secondary schools across 36 states in Nigeria today have lost the glory of the past. Rehabilitation and construction  projects related to primary and secondary schools have become instruments of fund diversion. Hence, public projects are initiated by State Governors in a calculated attempt to divert fund. For instance in Ogun, several mega model schools constructed by immediate past administration were allegedly of poor standard. This poor condition of public schools is the same all over in Nigeria.

Most of the public schools are in shambles, in a state of deterioration, some with leaking roofs, no chairs and desks.

Some of the teachers have lost focus and in most cases, the teachers come to school with items for sale while others abandon class to market products during the official school hours.

Hence, we now have pupils taking their colleagues to hotel for fun. It is high time the state governors took issues of public schools as a priority. Recently, four  students of State High School, Oyewole Agege  BBC were accused of  sexual harassment against female.Two decades ago, public school had good classrooms with good chairs and desks, as well as well trained teachers.

To regain the lost glory, governors in Nigeria should increase budgetary allocation, constitute committees  and monitor education projects.