Community policing is a bankable option to end insecurity in Nigeria —Ade Aderogba


Mr. Ade Aderogba is the Director of Virgen Global Security Services Limited, a Private security Company. In this interview with Joshua Elekwachi he bears his mind on the vision of his outfit and best approach to be adopted in addressing insecurity in Nigeria. Excerpts.

Please can we know about you and your outfit?

My name is Ade Aderogba, I’m the Director of Virgen Global Security services Limited, our company provides Security services for private and public business organizations in the area of protection of life and properties. We have been in the business for about 8 years now.

What has been the major intervention of your outfit to the security challenges in the country?

Well, before we actually came up with the idea of starting a security company we saw the need for the security improvement as regards security challenges in our country. We saw a need to come and salvage the situation. Since we started ,I am trying to make sure we satisfy our clients with well expectable security standard that have helped them reduce losses they experienced before the contacted us. By and large, our company has done a lot for our clients by reducing their loss that is efficiency.

Do you think the Government of the day is doing well in tackling the security challenges in the country?

Well, you see security is dynamic and to say the government of the day is doing enough is being economical with the truth. There are lots of things that are involved in security and like I said, security is dynamic. Government is trying its best but the best may not be enough. Security involves  many things and the population of our country is increasing and apart from that,the literacy of our people is not commensurate with the population and that comes together to increase the insecurity in the country. Government is doing its best, we can’t take it away.

What measures do you think the Government should adopt? If you are to consult for the country what will you bring to bear in the first one month to address the security problems?

Thank you very much, the protective effort is often spanned by need for mutual protection. Government all over the world have not been able to solve the security challenges of their respective country alone. Government actually needs to find collaboration with other stakeholders in security like other country does. As a security expert,  my advice is that government must call upon stakeholders in security industry to join & provide security services to the people. Security is very germane to every government but government cannot achieve security for the people except you bring stakeholders together. More importantly, adding the private security companies to what they are doing because we are closer to the people, the private security companies  can serve as an intelligent base for the government. Security plan has short term and long term plan, in the next one month, if I am consulted, I will place security in the hands of the people. When security is placed in the hands of the people, then there is going to be improvement in the security of our people. What I mean by placing security in the hands of the people is that with what seems to be the plan of the government now, the people are supposed to draft the plan for them. So if I am consulted, in the next one month, what I am going to do is to bring strategies on how security can be handed to the hands of the people. When security is handed in the hands of the people, we will be sure that this country’s security will be good.

Which means you are in support of community policing?

Yes, perfectly!

What do you think is the best way this community policing should be arranged?

Now, community policing is a concept that is happening all over the world, it is not only Nigeria. It has always been the way out of insecurity like the homeland security in the United states is based on community policing joined with private organizations to solve security challenges, that is what community policing means. Coming home, Government is talking of community policing without involving the communities. This does not necessarily mean the people in a place, private security companies is a community on its own and it has been neglected. So the concept of community policing is to bring everybody together into security vigilance. That is the basis.

How do you rate the relationship between Private Security outfits like yours and Government security outfits?

Well, I will rate the relationship between private security outfit and Government security outfits as very poor. In most of the security decisions, the private is not consulted, there are over 1,000 private security outfits licensed in Nigeria and most of this companies have not less than 100 staffs that are working for them, so this set of people cannot be wished away when you want to get it right in the security of this country. The relationship is at low level.

Let’s say from 10-100, how do you rate the relationship?

I rate it at 20%.