Cleric cautions youth against alcohol, drug abuse to achieve career objectives


A clergy, Godwin Rotimi of Christ Kingdom Church Ilorin, has advised youths to focus on pursuing future career an refrain from alcoholic consumption and drug abuse.

The cleric gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in  Ilorin.

According to him, youths are becoming addicted to alcohol and drug abuse and gradually loosing focus on pursuing their prospective career.

” Youths now spend more time taken drugs and alcohol and thinking less of their future.  They derive pleasure in hanging out with friends and indulging in alcohol and other illegal acts.

” They prefer to party and forget about planning ahead. They only care to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and sniff drugs.

” It is time to abstain from such illegal acts and focus on the future. Youths should be learning apprenticeship to acquire entrepreneurship skills instead of bragging with alcohol and tobacco.

” Drugs and alcohol indulgence are unhealthy and can lead to hallucination, palpitation and eventual collapse,” he said.

The cleric, however, warned that spending time wisely on things that were profitable would have positive in shaping  the future instead of prioritising alcohol and substance abuse.

He also advised parents to act as watchdogs to their children and wards to prevent them from keeping bad companies.

” We are not in safe hands if we allow the youths to indulge in such destructive acts.  As parents, religious leaders, journalists and NGOs, we must all fight and say no to alcohol and discourage our youths from drug indulgence, ” he said.