Buhari Impeachment threat: HURIWA urges Senate to fast-track process



…Accuses govt of complicity over failure to deploy Super Tucano jets

By Ogaga Ariemu

Civil rights advocacy group, Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, (HURIWA) on Sunday, urged all patriotic and statesmanly Senators to fast-track their impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari because a failure for seven years can’t perform any miracle within the six-week ultimatum given to him by lawmakers to tackle the menacing insecurity in the country.

HURIWA’s National Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, in a statement to Nigerian NewsDirect, also questioned military authorities on why they have failed to deploy the 12 Super Tucano fighter jets procured from the United States against terrorists despoiling the country.

The group said it is worrisome that the regime of President Muhammadu Buhari is allegedly sparing bandits and insurgents because of their Fulani ethnic affinity and Islamic affiliation but the bandits who have since been designated as terrorists by a Federal High Court in November 2021 are hellbent on destabilizing the country.

The spate of terrorist attacks on the FCT had increased lately. Terrorists had last week ambushed soldiers of the 7 Guards Brigade, killing three and injuring several others who were returning from the Nigerian Law School in Bwari. The government subsequently shut down FCT schools amid growing fears of imminent terrorist attacks.

ISWAP terrorists had on July 5 attacked the Medium Security Custodial Centre, Kuje, freed hundreds of inmates and killed security agents. There have been numerous other attacks on FCT residents including serial abductions and killings by bandits but these incidents have been downplayed by the security agencies who have been giving the people a false sense of security.

“Instead of launching an unprecedented offensive against terrorists and bloodsucking bandits, the Defence Headquarters came up saying over 30 terrorists in the Bwari area were killed after an attack on troops but the DHQ didn’t release any evidence of the so-called casualty recorded,” HURIWA’s Onwubiko said.

“We can only wonder whether this is audio killing because when terrorists strike, they leave unimaginable ruins. In fact, on that same day that the DHQ claimed that they killed 30 terrorists, the terrorists attacked a military formation in Zuma Rock Madala allegedly killing soldiers. Why does the military have to wait for an order to bomb terrorists?”

Continuing, Onwubiko said, “HURIWA asks why the government has not deployed the 12 Super Tucano fighter jets procured from the United States to bomb terrorists hibernating in Kaduna, Niger and now besieging Abuja from Suleja and Abuja-Lokoja angles? This is despite that a court had declared it legal for the military to use the military jets against the bloodthirsty non-state actors nine months ago.

“HURIWA is forced ask the President if his government is colluding with the terrorists and Fulani bandits because it is befuddling that a government will fold its arms and watch as non-state actors go on the rampage, killing citizens like chickens. Before now, it was in the North-East, but gradually, the terrorists conquered the North-West with daring attacks on military formations and structures. Now, the terrorists are closing in on Abuja. The chickens have finally come home to roost!”

“The Minority Leader of the Senate, Senator Philip Aduda, and his colleagues from the  diverse political persuasions including the All Progressive Congress should speed up their impeachment move of President Buhari. A government that has spent seven years pampering terrorists CANNOT effect any tangible and swift changes in the anti-terror war within six weeks.

“HURIWA therefore demands that the impeachment of President Buhari be fast-tracked. Terrorists are closing in on Abuja and they are certainly hellbent on overrunning Nigeria’s seat of power. The lawmakers must act and not run away from Abuja under the guise of some week-long breaks. The psychological, emotional and total disposition of President Muhammadu Buhari shows that he is unwilling to avert the take over of Nigeria by these rampaging Islamists and the any options to stop the collapse of constitutional democracy must be activated now.”

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