Buhari has failed – Ardo, former PDP guber aspirant


A Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) chieftain from Adamawa State, Umar Ardo has described the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration as a complete failure over its inability to fulfill even one of its numerous campaign promises after two years.

Ardo said Buhari made a lot of promises during his electioneering campaign but was yet to fulfill even one, a development he described as disappointing.

The former Special Assistant to the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar on States and Local Government between 1999 and 2003, said it was unfair for people to start discussing Buhari’s second term when the said person was nowhere to be found.

On the state of the nation, he told Daily Sun that, “I don’t know what promises APC made, but I marked the three basics ones of Buhari – insecurity, corruption and the economy. You know I am a hyper-critic, difficult to satisfy because most times I tend to over think things. On insecurity, the regime has substantially incapacitated the Boko Haram insurgency. Being from Adamawa State in the North-East, I can attest to that. Though there are still some sporadic attacks here and there, generally things are far better.

 “But Buhari promised to tackle insecurity, which insurgency is just one aspect of it; there are militancy, kidnapping, armed robbery, internecine killings, ritual killings, communal clashes, etc. These are still very much around. In other words, insurgency as a national malice has been considerably dealt with, but insecurity of individuals and groups is yet to be appreciably tackled. A lot needs to be done if the regime’s score card on general security is to square up.”

Speaking on the war against corruption, Ardo said, “I can say both the approach and the fight are superficial; they’re not thorough and well thought-out. In fact, from the David Babachir’s example, I can say the government is even losing the fight, as nothing seems to have changed. On the economy, let’s remember we are still in recession. Until things change for the better, for now I dare not score the regime above average.”

Asked if Buhari has the chance of winning the 2019 presidential election, the PDP chieftain said, “But where is Buhari himself now? We must first have the sight and sound of the man before we talk of his contesting or not. As it is, without any sight and sound of Buhari, I think it is preposterous to engage in any discourse on his even completing this current mandate talk less of his contesting again. One cannot make postulation on what is physically not there.”