Bavarian premier warns of risk of mass infection at UEFA Super Cup


Bavarian Premier Markus Soeder on Monday urged Bayern Munich fans not to travel to the UEFA Super Cup match against Sevilla in Budapest this week.

Soeder said such travel heightens the risk of turning the event into a hotbed for COVID-19 to spread.

The German champions, who won the UEFA Champions League, face UEFA Europa League winners Sevilla in the Hungarian capital on Thursday.

“My stomach hurts thinking about the Super Cup. Budapest is a risk area.

“We have to be very careful that we don’t risk turning it into a football-Ischgl,” the premier said.

Thousands of people were infected with the virus at the Austrian winter resort of Ischgl earlier this year.

This happened as the virus found a breeding ground in crowded apres-ski bars early on in the outbreak.

Soeder said should several thousand Bavarians travel to Hungary, and then they should go into quarantine upon their return.

Hungary is seeing a rise in cases.

A decision on tighter health measures will be taken on Tuesday.

“My appeal will be to think about it again and see if this is really necessary.

“The Super Cup is an exciting game, but it is not the most decisive game of all,” Soeder said.