Bank customers’ BVN registration in Diaspora hits 76,385


By Kayode Tokede

Nigerian Bank customers’ in Diaspora on Biometric Verification Number (BVN) registration crosses 70,000  thresholds to 76,385, information obtained by Nigerian NewsDirect from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has revealed.

The report by CBN as at January 23, 2017 revealed that Nigerian bank customers in United Kingdom has the highest count of about 31,373 registration followed by United States of America that recorded 27, 322.

The breakdown revealed that Canada has 3,915 BVN registration; South Africa 3,398; Malaysia, 2,422; U.A.E,  2,338; India, 1,618;  Italy, 1,091; France 794;  China , 771;  Australia, 646 and Netherlands, 205.

Others are Saudi Arabia, 135; Ukraine,   131; Brazil, 126; Turkey, 86 and New Zealand, 14.

The CBN had appointed Avante International Technology Inc. to join OIS and VFS in the registration of bank customers in the Diaspora.

The Director, Banking & payment system Department, CBN, Mr. Dipo Fatokun had explained to Nigerian NewsDirect that customers in diaspora have complied with the BVN exercise.

The Director in a phone chat with our correspondent expressed satisfaction over bank customers in diaspora participation in the exercise.

According to him, “the CBN’s guideline has not changed on BVN enrolment for   Nigerian bank customers in diaspora.

“No incident whatsoever about the registration which shows that Nigerians in diaspora have complied with the BVN registration. We have not issued any directives to banks.”

The exercise, previously meant to end in June 30 2016, was extended to ensure that all Nigerian bank customers in the Diaspora are enrolled.

The BVN registration involves capturing of customers’ physiological or behavioral attributes – fingerprints and signatures, among others.

The extension, he said, may be attributed to lack of accessibility to registration centres and unavailability of registration centers in some cities where Nigerian population is high.

“From January 2017, all Nigerian bank customers in the Diaspora should have the BVN attached to their accounts. Any bank customer without the BVN will be deemed to have inadequate Know Your Customer (KYC) and such account will be operated as a ‘no customer initiated debit’ account until the account holder obtains and attaches a BVN to the account ,” he said in a statement.

 “The combined effort of the Consultants and some Nigeria banks aborad has greatly accelerated the enrolment of this category of banks’ customers’, the circular signed by Fatokun had explained.