Balogun family cries out to Gov. Abiodun over land grabbers threats


The Balogun Tenoto Family, owners of landed property at Idanyin Gbazunkanji village of Ado-Odo Ota Local Government in Ogun State, has called on the state government to bring to halt the activities of land grabbers encroaching into their property.

The land which spans over 32.855 acres was said to have been unscrupulously encroached into by some persons who initially took the family to court but later pleaded for amicable resolution back home, a promise they later reneged.

Instead of resolving the matter, the said individuals rather connived with some Police officers from KASLEM police station, who often harassed the family head and also extort money over time from him.

The family head, Senior Evangelist Noah Balogun narrated their ordeals in the hands of one alleged dubious surveyor, Mr. Isreal Abiodun, introduced to them by the Oyela family.

Abiodun was said to have covertly swindled the Balogun’s of sizable plots of land,having had an agreement to help survey the several acres of land with half a plot for each acres surveyed as a commission but ended up taking full plots of land instead of half.

The cleric stated further that the lands acquired dubiously by the Surveyor sums up to 27 plots instead of the supposed 13 and a half plots, also that he ended up doing layouts only instead of a perimeter fencing as initially agreed.

But for the engagement of another surveyor in the person of Mr. Abiodun Ogongo who clearly exposed the cited discrepancies, the affected Balogun family might have not suspected the shady dealings.

The initial surveyor allegedly collaborated with one Mr. Sunday Okedeyi to encroach further on the family’s lands.

Senior Evangelist Balogun also noted that the family was quite mindful of need for future development in the area and have ceded 5 acres for community use. Leaving other parts of the landed property intact for the family.

He added that the whole issue started after the demise of the Baale,that the said Surveyor and a collaborator one Chief Nnamdi started forceful encroachment into the land harassing hapless individuals in possession of properties in the area, effecting their arrest and taking hold of their lands.

“At some point they took us to the Ogun state High Court, Ota Judicial Division, Court 4. SUIT NO. HCT/485/16 and later having seen the case will favour us,they opted for out of Court amicable settlement.

Barrister Chief I.O.A Wahab who presided over the proceedings granted them their prayers,but after that scenario, I have suffered various degrees of assault from the petitioner.

” I as the family head have been often harassed, molested and arrested just to bring me in to sign documents with which they can claim the land but seeing that I will not give in,I have been kept in custody overtimes at the KASLEM Police  the station,I have even been extorted under duress.

“I urge the Ogun State Government to intervene and safe us from this land grabbers who intend to fleece the family of her patrimony,” Balogun pleads.

The Zone 2 Command of the Nigerian Police Force also have the directives of the IGP Mohammed Adamu, to further investigate the matter as gathered from a reliable source.