Are Sadness and Depression the Same?


If you think someone is depressed, the best way to help is to try to cheer them up.

Do your friend or relative a favor and encourage them to talk to their doctor or a mental health professional. Just trying to lift their spirits may make them feel misunderstood. Share your support and offer hope that they will feel better with treatment and time.

Which of the following is not linked to depression?

Depression can affect your body, too. Everyone is different. Some people have no physical symptoms. Others have problems with headaches, other pains, cramps, and stomach problems. But kidney stones aren’t linked to depression.

Which of these symptoms is more likely for women?

Anyone can do any of those things when they’re depressed. But women are more likely than men to have symptoms such as feeling sad, worthless, or guilty.

Depressed men are more likely to be irritable and to lose interest in work or hobbies. They’re also more likely to turn to alcohol or other drugs when they feel depressed, which doesn’t help.

When life is rough, that’s when depression kicks in.

Although tough situations — like the death of a loved one, a divorce, or job loss — can be triggers, it doesn’t always happen like that. Even if things look fine on the outside, you can still be depressed inside.

Common symptoms include:


Feeling sad or guilty often

Eating or sleeping more or less

Not enjoying things you normally like

Feeling tired or irritable

Having problems with concentration or decision making

Thinking about suicide

Sadness and depression …

Depression is more than the sad feelings, “the blues,” or ups and downs that everyone goes through. It tends to last longer and feel heavier, and it’s harder to lift without treatment.

Depression affects your mood but not the rest of your body.

It’s linked to other health conditions, too. For instance, people with depression have a higher risk of heart disease. Depression can also start after a physical health problem. For example, as many as one in 5 people who have a heart attack become depressed.

When you’re depressed, you should:

The more you move, the better. When you’re depressed, you probably aren’t going to feel like it at first. Try to do it anyway. Have you heard the saying, “go with your plan, not with your emotion”? It’s good advice, because exercise is a treatment for mild depression.