And this is how we resurrect


By Remi Akinwande

Before the superpowers ruin our lives,
before the seismic events swallow our buildings.
Before the sun sets us ablaze,
before the moon decides to go missing.

write your name on the not so eternal objects.
Old stones, the walls of steel factories
and monuments that have survived histories.
See the cities beyond magazines and brochures,
and whether or not you believe in a divine being.

Cry in a church.

Before the universe hits the cosmic reset button,
leave no stone unturned.
Hold hands when you can
On buses, trains or with a nomadic caravan.
These books
Read these books and soak in every word like it will matter in the face of destruction.
Leave a piece of your fibre, cell and soul in all that you touch.
This is how we are to resurrect.
Atoms floating in space waiting to cluster up with like beings

waiting to form new destructive beautiful things.



Remi Akinwande is a poet, short story writer and art enthusiast who enjoys consuming literature, music and films. He has published two poetry collections so far (Absurd age of 1995, House 19), and hopes to someday direct an avant garde movie or Broadway musical, and to write a post modern classic novel.

IG handle :@apollotheyouth