AMLSN supports Oyo Govt with VTM and hand sanitizers


Akinlabi Afolabi, Ibadan

The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, Oyo State Branch has supported the Oyo State Government with Viral Transport Medium (VTM) and Hand Sanitizers in course to fight the outback of Covid 19.

The Relief Materials which was received by Hon Commissioner of Health, Bashir Bello expressed his gratitude to the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria who has shown the spirit of solidarity to the Oyo State Government as they are much concern in ensure the Spread of Covid 19 is maintained in the state

Hon Commissioner added that Oyo State Government is working tirelessly in ensuring health facility as well as Isolation center are adequately equipped and having Isolation center arcoss the state.

He furthered disclosed that the Oyo State Government is planning to in house test and  awareness as people are reluctant to show themselves

“We have to let them to know that the earlier the treatment, the higher the level of cure. We can improve the immune system if patient receives fast treatment”

” All we can do is to support the body mechanism to fight the virus but if we virus goes deeper, it will destroy the body tissue.”

The Commissioner also called for the good people of Oyo State to ensure the application of medical advice in order the contained the spread of Coronavirus

“All we can do is to advise our people to always take note of the Hand Washing Policy, Social Distancing and the Application of Face Marks which is very important.”

Chairman, Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, Mr Akinbola Idowu explained that Viral Transport Medium VTM is very important in preserving the integrity of the virus for a long and one major reason of the donation is to help in giving accurate realibility of test conducted.

“The Period between the collection of samples and the period samples are transported is very important. The Viral Transport Medium (VTM) helps in preserving the integrity of the samples which gives accurate results. “

He also enjoined the good people of Oyo State to work together with the Oyo State Government in containing the spread of Covid 19 in the state.

He adviced that all medical advice are strictly abide by to ensure that we are all safe in the state.