Aiding, abetting homosexuality law with impunity


By Gafar Abdulmumin

Twice in the same year, Felix Kayode Orishabiyi was attacked violently in Maiduguri on 24th of June and at sango ota on the 4th of November, 2016 while lawfully engaged on his job as a book distributor for his employers. The last attack almost cost him his life. He sustained multiple severe injuries and has to be hospitalized for one month.

He is now believed to be in hiding for fear that islamists opposed to the book he was distributing which is deemed to be offensive to their faith. The author JSS Hopewell openly offended Islam, Muslims and the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in the said book entitled: JIHAD, ISBN: 9781500263683.

jIn his book, he suggested that the Prophet Mohammed is a paedophile by marrying a seven- year old child. No wonder many believe him to be worthy of death.

 We have gathered from reliable sources that the victim Felix K. Orishabiyi has now fled the country for fear of being killed. It can be reported that this book has caused so much troubles, conflict, and generated so much hatred across Nigeria and has caused stockists of this book to be attacked publicly and violently.

The author, is one Joseph Hopewell who writes under the nom de plume of JSS Hopewell is believed to be hiding overseas whilst many people’s lives are being taken here in nigeria.

His books are many and they are often contentious, controversial and confrontational. That may be his style of writing and way of making millions of dollars and perhaps controversial books sell by the millions but he has no right to cause public disorder in this nation or to profit from deliberately attacking Islam or by insulting millions of Muslims in this nation or worldwide. Islamaphobia is worldwide!

He cannot be allowed to get away with it.

Further investigation carried out about the author led us to his blog and Wikipedia pages entitled: “Where Is Justice.” The blog appears from the page count to have been read by thousands of people.

 In his blog he encouraged lesbianism, homosexuality and he endorses activities of the LGBT community in Nigeria and elsewhere.

He particularly attacked our law makers with impunity from the year 2011-2015, calling them names, insulting their integrity, calling them thieves, and suggesting that they should be locked up for up to 14 years (like the homosexuals) for being womanizers and for trying to stop the moral filth of our society today.

Apparently Joseph Hopewell is unaware of the increasing scourge of HIV in our nation that is spreading like wildfire and killing millions.

He was very critical of the Senators, the lower and upper houses and condemns them and former President Goodluck Jonathan for signing the bill into law.

 He challenged President Buhari also, and compared our leaders to Brutus who stabbed Julius Caesar, and suggested that our lawmakers are dagger holders who are betraying the homosexuals and lesbians of our country by attempting to legislate against deviant sexual practices. What audacity?

This is an offence in Nigeria or is it not? Aiding and abetting Homosexuality or Lesbianism carries a prison sentence of up to seven years.

The question is: When are they bringing this man to book?

He claims he himself is not a homosexual, but one has to doubt that claim. It is rumoured that he is bi-sexual though he is believed to be married with children.

It is said that he openly preaches his ideology in churches openly and he is rather brazen. Should clergymen from this country be acting like perverts as some western priests do overseas? No! if this man is not brought to book, checked for his perverted writings and for his stance on homosexuality and lesbianism, then our youths will remain corrupted by lawless men like him and our laws will continue to be mocked and trampled upon with impunity.

Every Nigerian should be ready to defend our laws in this land. If JSS Hopewell wants to tell us otherwise, then he surely must be brought to justice in this country. If not, who can blame the ordinary Nigerians from taking the law into their own hands to erase this kind of evil from our culture and nation.

Every attempt to reach Joseph Hopewell through the internet and by other means yielded no response. However his crime against our nation and his open insults to our lawmakers and our presidents are available in his the blog at: and can be read on Wikipedia at: ndex.php/Where_is_Justice%3F.  Go there and judge for yourself my people.

We contacted the Nigeria Police at Alagbon.  and we were assured that there are several warrants for his arrest both for the harm he continuously causes our people and also for the crime of aiding and abetting homosexuality and lesbianism.

We are assured that extensive investigations are underway and he will be brought to justice. In the meantime, victims like Felix Kayode Orishabiyi and so many other book dealers & sellers will continue to suffer violent attacks from extremists in our country which is already polarized by religious conflicts and hatred.

He must be brought to book, we insist. If our lawmakers and courts do not take action, that can only send more signals to others to break our laws.

If the lawmakers do nothing, sooner or later, the ordinary citizen will take the law into their own hands and who will blame them?

Any person with useful information about joseph hopewell should immediately call the nigeria police for urgent action.

  • Contributed by Gafar Abdulmumin


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