Adeosun and Co.


A couple of months ago, Former Finance Minister, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun was alleged to have forged her NYSC service certificate. During this period, Adeosun remained silent without uttering a word of culpability or innocence. She subjected herself to acerbic barrage of damnable criticisms, still she remained criminally silent after appeals by patriotic Nigerians to state her own side of the issue. Earlier the NYSC had given its own not -too-convincing version of the story.

On Friday, September 14, the bubble burst when Mrs. Adeosun came out of her cocoon to turn in her letter of resignation to the Federal Government. One wonders why it took so long for the ex-minister to resign her appointment after some hue and cry and the furore generated by her alleged action. There is obviously some tinge of culpability  on the part of Madam Adeosun. There is this unconfirmed story that Mrs. Adeosun had jetted out of the country ostensibly to evade prosecution. Nigerians are more vociferous in the call to prosecute the ex-minister for her alleged misdemeanor while in office to serve as a deterrent to others of her ilk.

In the same vein, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Prosecution, Obono Obla was recently  accused of certificate forgery. He was alleged to have forged his West African School Certificate to gain entry to the University of Jos some years back by the country’s legislature. Obviously, these are not the best of times for our top government functionaries.

In the case of Mrs. Adeosun, she should not be left off the hook just like that. She clandestinely left the country to evade prosecution. She claimed she did not know her NYSC service certificate was forged. She had better say that to the marines. Both Obla and Adeosun knew what they were doing and just waiting for someone to tell them that they were doing the abnormal.

It now behoves the Federal Government to henceforth scrutinize the curriculum vitae (CV) of those to be engaged as government functionaries for uprightness and probity. The like of Mrs. Adeosun and Obla still exist in government; they should be fished out immediately and should be ostracized so as not to pollute the machinery of governance. Let not our government be labelled a group of certificate forgers. Now is the opportune time to take drastic action against the hydra-headed monster to sanitize our service and government.

The dragnet of certificate forgery should be extended to all facets of government – National Assembly, civil service and boards of parastatal  agencies. Relevant authorities should in the interest of the country co-operate with government in this effort to rid the nation of professional certificate forgers. Mrs. Kemi  Adeosun and Obla should bury their heads in shame for their misconduct.